Digital LINEART using the new 2018 GAOMON M10K TABLET

Digital LINEART using the new 2018 GAOMON M10K TABLET

hi guys
in today’s video I’m going to talk about the new gaomon m10k graphic tablet
the 2018 version it has been sent to me but as always I’ll tell you my honest opinion about it a while ago Gaomon also sent me another one of these if you want
to see the review I made it’s linked in the info tab and in the description
below Gaomon guys always takes care of the
little details there are 10 buttons in which you can set up your own shortcuts
there is a new touch ring with which you zoom in and out, scroll the page and
adjust the dimension of your brushes you just have to press the button in the
middle of the circle to switch up the functions the cable that connects the
tablet to the computer has now an angled plug which makes it more resistant
because the cable goes straight up into the computer it doesn’t curve on the
side so there are less chances that it will break plus the tablet comes with a
glove that makes it easier to draw because your hands slide better on the
surface with it and of course lefthanded can use this as well you just have to
set up the settings in a different way the pen that came with the other model
I reviewed had to be charged with a cable for it to work but this is different
you don’t have to charge it anymore this is so great because you don’t have to
worry about anything else you can just connect the tablet to your computer
sit down and draw basically the only thing that’s different
it’s the design because even though they say that this pen pressure sensibility
levels are now 8192 compared to the standard 2048 it doesn’t feel any
different it might be because my computer is old or maybe it’s because
this is a sample model and the tablet is not out yet so they’re still developing
the driver because guys compared to the veikk tablet
I reviewed last time they say that that pet had 7000 something pressure
sensibility levels and guys I honestly that really felt different but this
doesn’t feel any different to me I haven’t found any differences in the way
this work in comparison to the other tablet I reviewed honestly it’s just that
everything is more comfortable and the pen is also thinner it doesn’t have a silicone grip it’s not as
ergonomic as the previous model I personally like to use thin pens in
general but I know that other people like thicker pens and a silicone grip is
just more comfortable if you hold the pen for a long time also there’s a
holder top of the pen and I’m not sure why it’s there let’s talk about the
dimension of this this is a big tablet the active area is around the size of an
a4 paper sheet specifically it’s 10 inches for 6.25 or 25.5 centimeters for 16 centimeters there is planning a space to draw
guys I really like how this table is built it’s very sturdy and comfortable
it’s just a very nice tablet I think it doesn’t have anything to envy other
more popular brands so if you’re looking for a graphic tablet this could be a
very good option for you please check it out I highly recommend it because it’s
very comfortable I love love the attention to details they’ve put into
this this table works perfectly on Paint Tool Sai
and on Photoshop I am drawing something now but the problem is that my computer
went nuts and I lost the coloring part like yes I didn’t save it I just
can’t do any digital art anymore guys because my computer is so old if
someone could sponsor me and send me a nice computer I would be very
grateful but it will never happen anyway thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed
this doing line art on digital art might be difficult at first but if there’s one
thing I can say don’t try to make one continuous line but make strokes and be
precise with them if you make a lot of strokes to make one line it will look
much better in my opinion and it is much easier so yeah thank you for watching
and see you soon hopefully and bye bye ♥ you

16 thoughts on “Digital LINEART using the new 2018 GAOMON M10K TABLET

  1. This tablet look interesting, my tablet is like 10years old and it’s starting to show it’s age💦 might look into this. Thank you Wero for sharing💕 ありがとう!(omg also, I can’t wait for our collab! Still working on mine~) eep

  2. What is the name of the brush you're using to paint the black line art. I love the final sketch. I hope someone sends you a new computer 💻 to review 🤞. 😋💗

  3. Liked the video<3 digital art is soo intimidating once every blue moon I have a phase where I try really hard with my Wacom Intuos (and fail miserably) so this lineart is a mona lisa for me haha

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