12 thoughts on “Creating a New User in Linux

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    0:50 How to create a new user in the simplest way possible
    2:35 How to create a new user with more settings
    3:58 How to define user privileges
    4:23 How to set password and account expiration time
    5:36 How to delete a user

  2. Very important video. Users / groups and privileges of a system is sometimes not easy to understand. Great video.What about the wheel group? What is different from adding users to the sudo group?

  3. In my Manjaro, when i go to octopi and want to clean the cache, it asks me for a ""superuser"" password. I've never seen that before, why my user/admin password can't work since i installed the system myself?
    I know i can clean the cache with sudo pacman -Scc, but i just wonder now how to set a superuser password since the system never asked me to do so during installation, i did'nt find infos about it on internet.
    Interesting video as usual, thanks!

  4. Hello ALU, could you make a tutorial about partitioning the disk while installing linux? All about neccessary partition like /, /home, /boot, /swap etc. What should I choose in the option "Device for boot installation", is that dev/sda or /boot ?

  5. hey, do you have a fix for lubuntu lockscreen bug, it happens the same for xubuntu

    also how to install and configure vscode python programming in ubuntu i can seem to get it to work. and also show us how to remove nvidia drivers and only run integrated on a laptop.

    this may seem absurd but i would really love feedback from you on all this, thanks alot

  6. There is so much misinformation here lmao. You shouldnt be using users, you should leave the default individual username for each user and you should be using wheel over sudo. `useradd -m -G wheel username`

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