ConnectPlaza™ – How to install the Agent – ConnectPlaza™ Tutorial

Hey everyone today I would like to show you how easy it is to download the ConnectPlaza runtime agent and how you can set it up quickly As explained in the previous video on the runtime agent The agent is a powerful software component that drives all the integration in your organization as a fully functional and scalable software component, it can easily run several agents in your environment to serve your integration needs But first we have to go through a few requirements to get things started First off you will need a running server platform like Windows or Linux This may also be a virtualized environment. Please see our list of supportive platforms on our website for more info the surface should have a running Java version 8 installed to get started and You will need sufficient rights to install the agent as a background service to auto start it on boot up The agent software is delivered as a zip package and can be unpacked once it has been downloaded To download the agent. Please open ConnectPlaza Deploy and choose the agents you wish to work with In the top-left corner you will find the agents generator that will help you download the software It will open the agent generator dialog box This dialog will help you set things up. First off you might want to check your network settings by default The agent will connect to a network on localhost and claimed several port numbers including 8088 and 8443 If these ports are already taken on your platform Please choose different ports here You may also configure an Analyze database in order to use Analyze, a compatible database must be provided and available in your environment By choosing a database type you can find all supported database platforms and the way to configure them By default ConnectPlaza will use an in-memory database which is fast and flexible But not persistent if you really want to make full advantage of Analyze you must provide a proper database platform Next up is to software generate. By clicking on the generate button a download box will open in your browser Asking you to download a zip file. This will be the fully configured zip file you will be needing to install the ConnectPlaza Agent After downloading the zip file, we will turn to the platform to install and run the agent First we will unpack the zip file in the folder somewhere on the machine After this is done we can do a smoke test, by running the agent in the foreground on the machine this can be done by executing the run agent script in the bat directory for windows or bin directory for Linux A terminal screen should open and if all goes well, it should activate the agent in the foreground You can test to see if this is working by returning to Deploy and hitting refresh The agent should be connected now and visible You have now successfully installed the runtime agent In order to run the agent as a background service You need to run the install as a service script with sufficient rights to install the service Once installed you can run the service directly from your operating system and it will run in the background You are all set up now. I hope you will find these tutorial videos useful So be sure to LIKE and subscribe to our channel and be notified as we add more tutorial videos for ConnectPlaza Thanks for watching

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