Connecting a bluetooth keyboard to Samsung Android

Connecting a bluetooth keyboard to Samsung Android

a YouTube and today we were the Samsung Galaxy grand and we'll talk about pairing a Bluetooth wireless keyboard along with the Samsung Galaxy grand and what you're going to want to do is swipe down from the notification panel and the list of available devices pops up and the irony of it is is that we're gonna pair a Apple wireless keyboard with Sam Sam so you're going to click on the Apple while volume or whichever keyboard you are using and it's going to say to pay with this keyboard so and so on it's over here we got zero four seven seven zero eight zero four seven seven and then hit enter and that's it the device is connected and the keyboard is connected let's go ahead and try out work so if say we open up the messaging app let's go ahead and try typing a message and as you can see looks fantastic and you can use it in the messaging app or basically anywhere that you have to enter any text so you can go ahead a website you see it's great and it's sort of doubles up as a laptop now because you can get a lot of work done on Android devices these days and it's really great that you can pair up a keyboard we hope you enjoyed this video and then it helped you out we got a lot more store for you so stay tuned please don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our future videos so see you next video ticket

33 thoughts on “Connecting a bluetooth keyboard to Samsung Android

  1. and what do you do when it is not discoverable: ie not in the list??? I can't find anything anywhere. I have a samsung j7

  2. Assalaamu Aalaikum
    Remove music, not allowed in Islam
    Read QURAN, ALLAH your creator is talking with you
    No salvation without Islam

  3. ugh. i dont have the right keyboard for this! could you please find a way to connect a microsoft wireless keyboard to a samsung without a otg cable? thanks!

  4. which device is this…I am referring to the keyboard it seems like the perfect size for my tablet galazy 3. and would it work for my samsung galaxy tablet 3

  5. hi
    first i want to Thank  you for this Video …..
    secondly i want to ask you how to connect a mouse or flash on Galaxy grand 2 ….. ???

  6. Hey…!! Can I connect this wireless keyboard on my Samsung grand quattro… it has only bluetooth v3.0…

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