hi I’m back with a new brand to compare
with the others I’ve tried before so far I’m in love with XP-Pen and Huion so let’s
see if Gaomon can reach our expectatives as well my first impression
was that the price was so cheap for display tablet I didn’t know how good it
could be but it was worth a try this tablet costs 183 USD which are around 170
euro there are eight customizable buttons for
short keys useful to draw without a keyboard nearby you can also adjust
colors with additional side key buttons there are a lot of wires the same amount
as Huion had in GT 191 model a good thing is that two of them are linked together
so we don’t make a mess and find them easier as usual a pen holder with a lot
of nibs inside it and a half glove the pen has two buttons on one side a nice detail compared to other models that only have one button and it’s
battery free with a similar design to other popular brands such as XP-Pen, Huion or Parblo the rubber part is really soft and creates a comfortable
feeling drivers can be easily found on Gaomon’s official site and once they are installed I like to customize all the buttons so they fit
my needs you’ll probably have this issue as it
happened to me both in Paint Tool SAI 2 and Clip Studio Paint the cursor worked well
until I started drawing that it got displaced a few inches to the right this
can be easily solved from the Preferences menu choosing the option of
tablet PC and in the case of Paint Tool SAI you should go to options and change the
tablet PC as well then you just re start the software and it should work properly
the display size is pretty small eleven point six inches only which justifies the
low price since you probably won’t find a cheaper display tablet in the whole
industry if you are an artist with a low budget this could be your solution but I
would recommend saving some more and going for a bigger size drawing on a
little space limits your creativity and makes it more difficult to draw faster
since you can’t see all the mistakes at once this drawing for example took me
way too much time for the simple style I chose the line with this tablet is kind
of shaky at the beginning and that’s another reason why it took me so long to
finish correcting every line to sum up it’s not all a matter of budget you
should also take in account what you’re exactly looking for every model from all
the existing brands offer different material to work with so you must choose
the device that fits you the most you

59 thoughts on “CHEAPEST DISPLAY TABLET || Gaomon PD 1161 Review

  1. Nose si sabes apaños pero me encantas tus video y quiero decir q son muy buenos espero y crestas y mejores tanto en ti como en tus dibujos y animaciones ;3

  2. Hello again I only come to tell you that I love your videos even if it is not very good in English I wish you the best of the best and that you continue with your beautiful drawings

  3. Me: "Well looks like it's time to go to be-"

    Toibara: posts

    Me: "Just an extra seven minutes and twenty five seconds couldn't hurt-"

  4. Idrc for the review (though it was helpful since I have a small budget, but I have a small Wacom tablet and that does it for me), I just came because I like to see how you draw your art, I'm a growing artist myself and I love you're style. It's a real inspiration!
    I'm only eleven so my art is still on the sloppy side, and I need to work on how to shade my muscles and get the male body figure down, along with more detailed hair and faces. any advice?

  5. I still don't know where to access any of your comics or books or anything. I feel like I'm really missing out on something. Please, anyone, help? ;-;

  6. Wow!
    I like this drawing so much!
    You're talented 👏✨❤️

    (I don't speak english very well, sorry 😂😂)

  7. Tener un speedpaint de esa hermosura es como vas a la calle y te encuentras cincuenta euros <3 maravilloso! GUAPO BRAD! yo sigo defendiendo tu shipp juapoo!

  8. Por cada vídeo en inglés que sube Toibara me torturo una horita pensando… ¿Por qué no mejore mi inglés? :'v
    PD: te extrañamos Brad ✨ siempre en nuestros kokoros 💜

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