Cheap 8″ Windows tablet? – NuVision TM800W560L Review

Cheap 8″ Windows tablet? – NuVision TM800W560L Review

This is the tablet! The Microsoft take like… forever to load! Wich is not fun… The NuVision that I’m reviewing now have some
reviews about it on the Microsoft Store and it’s all perfects notes. I was very impress by it’s sleek desing it
worked very well for what I needed for. All good reviews about it. So, let’s make an official review about this. So I’ve been using this tablet for about a
week now and I’m fully ready to make a review about it and what’s my thoughts are about
this product. So first of all, these are the things that
Ilike about this tablet. Well I really like the shape, you know, I’ve
got small hands but it feel… fits great into my hands and it feels good. I use this tablet a lot to browse the web
and check emails to browse Facebook to browse and to scroll Twitter and look at the screen
witch is pretty awesome because you got like all your feed there and it’s the perfect size
for this and same thing goes for Facebook with give you like… You know you got like all your feed there. When I started using this
tablet I was not in Windows Tablet mode so I’ve got trouble like when I was on Facebook and I was chatting

40 thoughts on “Cheap 8″ Windows tablet? – NuVision TM800W560L Review

  1. 8 inch piece of s***. I have the TM800A510L model, I will be sending it to the manufacturer for the fourth time in less than a year for being stuck in reboot mode. NuVision products being marketed thru HSN, is an absolute NOT…Run away from NuVision products and shame on HSN for promoting this piece of crap tablet😕😡😬😞

  2. geez man, have you ever watched a review video on a successful tech / review youtube channel? because this is really bad review based on you and not even the review on the product. i looked this laptop up on youtube to find an elaborate amd enjoyable review for it, but instead i got your shitty review. Im surprised you even have 6 subscribers lol. anyways hope you can take my criticism and personal opinion into account and try better next time.

  3. you should install a windows 10 app youtube client, like Mytube, tubecast or Perfect Tube. Just search it on the store

  4. (new subscriber here)…. also the speakers are not good at all when turned up to maximum! sounds like its scratching and bubbling.
    cool vid thanks

  5. There's a newer version of this tablet now – a TM800W610L which has the newer Atom 8300 processor which should make it much faster and could even help the battery life a bit, but it's $199 (Canadian). This is definitely a cheaper, lower end tablet but I'm trying to decide if I should maybe get a Chinese tablet instead – I can get better specs for less money (about $135) and it comes with dual-boot Android and Windows both. For about $230, I can get a 10" tablet with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage with dual boot, so I'm leaning that way. The Chinese tablets are also entry level but they cram more features in for a lower price (on sites like

  6. this is a great tablet if you dont care if it gets stolen or broke its a good use in public tablet
    i wouldnt use my apple or kindle in public due to it might break or get hawked

  7. Thank you for the review. I ordered it a few days ago because it's cheap and already have android table. I want to try a windows 10 tablet just to play around with it. I like your review because you don't judge or bash Microsoft. You actually expressed honest opinions. I will let you know about my experience with that table. By the way has anyone told you, that you look like James Franco in Pineapple Express movie. He looks cool.

  8. Look up Bluestacks 3 it will allow you to download all the apps for android tablets and use them on the pc that you want.

  9. You can also get usb wifi to makeup for the tablets shortcomings maybe use a usb hub with it. I'm getting one of these tablets and am going to see what kind of modding I can do to it maybe use my old graphics card on it as well.

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