Blaze and the Monster Machines Racing Game Walkthrough | Jr. Gamers | Preschool App (AD) | Nick Jr.

NARRATOR: Nick Jr.’s
Jr. Gamers play Blaze and the Monster Machines. Hey. I’m Dylan.
– Hi. I’m Heaven. DYLAN: Today, we’re playing
Blaze and the Monster Machines racing game. We’re going to race
against Blaze’s friends. And Crusher. I hope he doesn’t cheat. Don’t worry. We’ll have blazing
speed on our side. BOTH: 3.
2. 1. Go! Let’s start here. It’s the Badlands. We need to collect
hubcaps to fill up our blazing speed meter. Once it’s full, we
can go super fast. Hubcaps! Over there. Get them! Whoa! Whoa. Sweet! Epic! Crusher’s cheating. He’s dropping bubble
gum all over the course. Watch out! Uh oh, he’s got us! Bubble gum’s super sticky. Uh oh. There’s another one! Whoa! Whoa! That was close. Not even Crusher’s
cheating can stop us now. HEAVEN: Woo! Let’s look for
a different level. Here. This is Velocityville. In this level, you can
play as Race Car Blaze. Cool! Take the wheel. Buckle up. Hold on. We’re going through the loop. BOTH: Whoa! [LAUGHTER] Look! A new level. With pyramids! Top the blazing speed meter. BOTH: Let’s blaze! Whoa! ANNOUNCER: Blaze wins! Blaze wins! BOTH: We won the race! [CROWD APPLAUSE] High tire! BLAZE: Oh, yeah! NARRATOR: You’ve seen our
Jr. Gamers play three levels, but there are plenty
more tracks to race. The Blaze and the Monster
Machines racing app is available now
on iOS and Android. Ask your parents for
permission to download.

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