Billetes Mexicanos con Realidad Aumentada [4K Video]

Billetes Mexicanos con Realidad Aumentada [4K Video]

Welcome to Numismat Today we have the first Mexican bills with Augmented Reality After the launch of the new 200 pesos bill
Banco de México surprises us with its AR characteristics It is very easy to experience this new feature, all we need is to download the
application called BilletesMX and with it we can activate the AR of our bills In the description of the video I will leave the link to the app store so you can see by
yourselves this feature that until recently only had it some foreign bills What you see is my cell phone screen so let’s explore the front
of the Mexican 500 and 200 pesos bills of the new G family BilletesMX is an official application of the Bank of Mexico and offers among other things a tour
which presents the main features of the new bills and, in addition, the AR mode That’s right, what you hear and see is the triumphant entrance of
Benito Juárez to Mexico City. How about that? It is very interesting to see the austere carriage that Benito Juárez used, to hear the screams
and cheers and to see also how it advances between the streetlights of the avenue that the bill resembles It does not look perfectly but still, when moving the
camera, the effect of AR respects orientation and scale. These are the first Mexican bills to have this feature. Now let’s see the front of the new 200 pesos bill Precisely, what you just saw, heard and experienced is the
Esquilón of San José, better known as the Dolores bell Remember that this bill commemorates independence
of Mexico and its AR effect follows this same line But this does not end here. the reverse also have AR This leaves me speechless, it is very beautiful to see the gray whale and his
Little whale and not only that, on the right side, bronzed seagrass. Wow! Do not miss the video we already have of this bill because it is one of my favorites The sound is also very beautiful, with the whale singing and the effect of underwater bubbles We’re not done yet, now it’s the turn of the 200 bill and its reverse The golden eagle, flying majestically over the reserve
of the biosphere El Pinacate and Great Desert of Altar Can you see the relief of the mountains that rises on the bill? A couple of clouds overhead and above them our beautiful golden eagle,
symbol that appears in all our Mexican coins And how do these bills compare with those of other countries? Let’s see 2 Swiss banknotes The constellations on the 20 franc bill. By the way, don’t
miss the video we already have on the channel of this beautiful bill And on the 10 franc bill, we have a precise mechanism of a classic Swiss watch.
I love this effect and if you want to know more about this bill, don’t miss the video we already have But what do you think? Let’s make a survey, if you like more Mexican bills leave a like.
and if you like the Swiss ones better, let us know why in a comment. If you liked the video and do not want to miss any of the next ones
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41 thoughts on “Billetes Mexicanos con Realidad Aumentada [4K Video]

  1. Yo le enseñé el billete de 500 a mi abuelita, todos deberíamos acercar estás cosas inovadoras a nuestros seres queridos que normalmente no conocen este tipo de cosas

  2. También hay Realidad Aumentada con los elementos de seguridad!! Dale clic al candadito y 😍😍😍😍 toca cada candadito y se levanta el elemento de seguridad del billete.

  3. amigo numismatico un vídeo alucinante fantástico la sacastes de la realidad y gracias por la aplicación colega felicitaciones …éxitos x100pre …👋👍💪✍

  4. Yo sise como hacer la realidad aumentada con cualquier cosas animales,calaveras,navideños es fácil yo ise algunos trabajos para la prepa :v

  5. ste men! cool yo soy de Mexico! lindo y cree un cristal que rrefleja hologramas en 7D y cuando los tocas los traspasas! ja ja que curioso! ♥

  6. Que absurdo y pendejo no tiene sentido pensé que era algo sobre que sean antifasicable por medio del telefono haaa para pendejosss

  7. En lo personal deja un poco que desear esta realidad aumentada, esperemos y la mejoren para que pueda llegar a los niveles de los billetes de Suiza o Rusia que si detecta billetes falsos y presentan una mejor captación de la RA

  8. Yo descargue la aplicación y me marca error al poner la cámara para la realidad aumentada y no puedo ver nada de eso como en el video

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