best: screen recorder for table | phone | android!

best: screen recorder for table | phone | android!

Big thanks to our friends, sorry I couldn’t test the software but I’ve heard wonders about the apps your talked As you can see there are tons of similar apps I couldn’t find DU, but I was lucky to find this one I’ll show you the best settings This is the videos gallery, I had saved my videos to a pen, so it was empty I never use these options, but if you only use Tablet you should use them I use FPS at 60. You must have a good tablet to record with high quality settings Best resolution is 1080p Video quality at 12 Mps I use landscape recording for pc, if you are only using tablet or phone you should use portrait Another amazing thing is that you can record game play sound and also exterior sound As you can see there are many more options All the links are in my description, for this screen recorder, for DU, the song used. If you have any request tell me My video isn’t sponsored for this company. I’ve free games from google store installed, I will do another video to show you I hope this video helped you friend

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