Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Water Purification Tablets

Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Water Purification Tablets

So, my water bottle just ran out of water,
and I want to make sure that I can have the cleanest water possible, to be drinking. Now,
what I’m going to show you, is about water tablets. Now, these are very, very, important,
if you have them in your survival kit. It’s a great way to purify water. What you’re going
to do, is I have a creek right here, that I’m going to fill up my water bottle. Now,
this is a one liter water bottle. Water tablets work in one liter to one quart of water, depending
on how many tablets you actually want to put in there, so I filled up my water bottle here.
I have my water tablets. I’m going to show you how to use these things. Now, you can
buy these at any REI, Sports Authority, Sports Chalet. Any place like that you can buy these
water tablets. What we’re going to do, is we’re going to take our water tablets, that
you can get at REI, Sports Authority. I got these at Sports Chalet. Once you open these
up, you’ll notice that like a lot of medicine tablets, it comes with a little cotton piece
right here. Make sure not to throw this away. This is very important for starting fires,
and other things like that, so you never want to throw away anything, that you have taken
from the community, so what we have here, a couple of water tablets. We’re going to
be using two, for one liter of water. You can use two for one liter, or one quart of
water. Don’t use up too many, because you never know when you’re going to need them
again. What we’re going to do now, we’re going to take these two water tablets, and we’re
going to put them inside our water bottle. One, two. Make sure to put everything back
together, and keep it off to the side. Now, now that our water tablets are in there, this
takes a little while, but it’s well worth it, to make sure that all the bacteria, is
outside of the water. You’re going to close the cap, but you’re going to want to make
sure it’s a little bit loose, so there’s some leakage in there. Now, you’re going to let
this sit alone, freestanding, for five minutes. Now, after you have let it sit there for five
minutes, you’re going to loosen it just a little bit more, and you’re going to shake
it, as best you can. A little bit is going to come out. It’s not a big deal. You want
to make sure that it can breathe. Shake it up as much as you can, for about two to three
minutes. Once you’re done shaking it, close it up just a little bit more. Allow for the
leakage to be in there, a little bit more. See how gross that looks? Now, you’re going
to let it sit for a half an hour, and you can’t rush this, even if you’re in dire need
of water. One half hour is not going to kill you, but the bacteria in it could, so make
sure you wait a full half hour, before you drink this water, and then you’ll know, that
it’s completely bacteria free, and ok to drink. One thing to note, these water tablets don’t
get out all virus’s and stuff, so if you’re in a regular pond or lake in a wilderness
area, especially in the United States. It’s going to get rid of 99.9 percent of any thing
you’re ever going to be scared of. It’s when you get in to tropic areas, where you’re going
to have a viral problem, but in everyday use, this is a very good, very easy way to purify
your water.

56 thoughts on “Basic Wilderness Survival Skills : Wilderness Survival: Water Purification Tablets

  1. correct me if i am wrong but 1 litre= 1 quart therfore you cant use it for one lt to one quart because its the same mesurment

  2. Lulz totally agree. Have you ever just lived off the land and stuff?If so got any tips? And what the hell are you meant to do if you havent got water tablets XD?

  3. It might seem obvious, but always look for the cleanest water. I went out after rain once, and most of the water was vaguely orange(from the local clay.) It took some time, but I did find a small stream that was running clear. Then I used the purification tablets. I also boiled it to make my tea. I would rather spend a few more minutes, than get some nasty bug. we do have a lot of sheep, and they a bug comes out of them. Water may look clear, but could have some very nasty stuff in it.

  4. @haha48

    Homer Simpson ( on a life raft ):
    "Water, water everywhere, lets all have a drink"

    What you just said was equally as stupid, the bacteria and bugs might not kill you BUT it could cause sickness and diahorrea.

    In a survival situation you need to make every source of nutrition count.

    With any of these conditions your abillity to consume nutrition is greatly reduced and so is your abillity to walk over distance or even sleep.

  5. Sorry but your arguement is flawed…

    A prerson in the wilderness can last 3 days. If that was to go without water for that length of time without even considering to try and purify some drinking water then their morons.

    I can understand you might not have all of these objects at hand but this is only just one way to purify water.

  6. @jackoalltheway
    An Interesting FACT:
    If you look back into the history of beer you'd find that during the 7th centurary most Germans drank light beer over water because alcahol killed the bacteria the water. Im not saying you always need to sanitise water BUT if its NOT flowing and the bottom of the waterbed ISN"T clear of moss and debris then you should defininatley NOT drink it. Our Ancestors survived by findind out the horrible way what was safe and what wasn't BUT today we know better.

  7. wrong fire is always around if you know how to make it. theres plenty of videos on here that shows you how to make it.

  8. Pretty cool. I think you might need a more natural way though. I mean unless youre going to take them with you absolutely everywhere. That's one thing about survival though you really need just to have a knife. otherwise youre screwed.

  9. @LeinadNesterbegne but some people might not carry fire equipment (ill prepared people) such as hikers. Or if you are hiking and want water, but don't have any and don't want to start as small fire, then you can do this while resting.

  10. @LeinadNesterbegne you can't always build a fire even if you have a lighter. For example, in heavy rain when tinder is soaked.

  11. Use a filter then chemically treat the water. The best product I've seen is a kit called H2oResQ. It was tested and endorsed by the Commander of the Public Health Service

    It comes with 1 bottle filtered sodium hypochlorite. 1 bottle copper silver ions – works together synergistically – the minerals are long lasting and can be tested for residual levels. It is sold by a company called simply living smart LLC online

  12. He's a fraud!!!!!!!!!!! Its ARROWHEAD water…..jk. I came to this video to learn how to use them tablets. I learned something today. Thank you.

  13. 1st. If you can, boil water. No need for iodine tablets. 2nd. If all you have is iodine tablets and a bottle, do what the dipshit said..

  14. i see you one that only know how to watch and didn't know how to listen. The most time of this video he was explaining.

  15. I am in the panhandle of Oklahoma with basically no running streams/creeks. I'm pretty much looking at farm ponds full of muddy brown water, cattle urine and feces. Would these work for me? What about algae filled stock tanks?

  16. I don't think that is for making fire, though it can, but to prevent oxidation of the tablets from the air inside the bottle, that's why it's filled with cotton, it takes space thus less oxygen.

  17. 1 very important missed point from this kid, after that half hour you must filter the water through a cotton cloth and then it is safe to drink it.

  18. i'm not saying I wouldn't totally trust this to work for me in a survival situation I would take whatever the hell I can get but I would say boiling it over a fire would be far more effective.

  19. My WP Tablets clean a gallon of cold water in 30 minutes, and can't be tasted in a glass of fruit squash. I would boil a cupful for a coffee, or cup of tea.

  20. He say in North America you don’t worry of viral contamination like in tropical places. But in USA you need to worry about polluted water from mines chemicals plants and the overwhelming amount of pollutants and pesticides that big cities unload into the already depleted natural resources.

  21. If ur in the wilderness how da hell are u supposed to tell when did half an hour past if ur phone died like how do u tell the time

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