Apple iPad 10.2-inch 2019 hands-on

Apple iPad 10.2-inch 2019 hands-on

– This is Apple’s seventh generation iPad. It’s an update to the
entry-level 9.7 inch iPad that’s so familiar. Big changes here. A new 10.2 inch display, support for the first
generation Apple Pencil, and a keyboard connector
for the Smart Keyboard case that Apple makes for
its other iPads as well. The way I’m thinking
about this is it’s all of Apple’s best stuff
from years past packed into a very familiar case for just $329. So you’ve still got a Lightning port. You’ve got a Touch ID, home button. You’ve got the first generation Pencil, the silly charging and the fiddly cap, and you’ve got Apple’s
older Smart Keyboard case, not the new flippy one that
comes with the iPad Pro. You’ve got an A10 Fusion processor instead of the newer A13X in the iPad Pro. A lot of older stuff
from the Apple catalog, but stuff that reviewed
really well at the time and for $329 it’s a lot
of bang for the buck. You can pre-order the new
seventh generation iPad today. They’ll start shipping
at the end of September. So there’s a lot of iPads now. The iPad mini starts at $399. This 10.2 inch iPad is $329. The iPad Air is $499 and the iPad Pro starts at $799. That is a huge spread of price points. You can kinda see what Apple’s doing. Wherever you are, however
much money you have to spend, there’s an iPad for you. This iPad in particular
seems very targeted at somebody who might buy a Chromebook or a cheap Windows laptop instead. You get the full set of iPad
apps, the whole ecosystem. You get the Pencil support. You get things like Apple Arcade, which let’s you play an enormous amount of games for $4.99 a month. That’s stuff Chromebook can’t do. It’s a pretty big,
aggressive move from Apple. Again, some older specs but compared to those cheap Chromebooks
or a cheap Windows laptop, it seems like a very interesting product. We have to review everything. We’re gonna do that. We’re gonna
come back and let you know.

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  2. While everyone’s hating at Apple. I just admire them at using all those leftovers from their old products and still sell it at premium price.

  3. “stuff a Chromebook can’t do”. Immediately paused the video to comment this. Go search up Google Stadia, Android app support, and Linux containers first before subtly implying that Chromebooks are weaker than iPads. They’re not. Have a good day.

  4. Big changes here…the display is half an inch bigger and you can use apple´s extremely overpriced keyboard….WOW
    Apple isn't the same anymore……

  5. I'm sitting here with my Asus Chromebook tablet (ct100) that is almost a year old using the full desktop browser with all my extensions, keyboard and mouse usage by design not a horseshoe accessibility feature, USB C out the gate, ten hours of battery life and the same price. I like the 7th gen ipad, but it's a toy compared to chrome OS in my use-case.

  6. I think this is the only thing apple does right this time. I mean technology is meant for helping people not for people to pay overpriced and use as a luxury. 300 bucks around sound good to me. I am an educator and I use ipad to teach my classes.

  7. A10 fusion chip on the new iPad even though it’s better then the last generation smh I think I’m just going to keep my one year old iPad

  8. Nothing cheap about Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro on and Laptop. They handle full programs than cut down ones for the Apple iPad Tablet.

    Cant wait for Deiter

  10. soooo… here's the thing
    Got a Gift ,don't like it . put in the cupboard.
    3 years later rerap it with some candies on the top.
    KABOOOOOOOMMMMM…….. here is the all new 7th gen ipad

  11. The reporter does not mention that whether it's laminated or not. WTF, who sends this guy here? Also, there is no 13X. He is fired! What a joke!

  12. Probably Apple's best value at the moment. The older processor isn't that slow and the Apple Pencil support and keyboard connector are a big deal.

  13. I thought of upgrading from my 6th gen, but i see it is not targeted towards existing users but new users. Will get the air 3 next year or whatever new model comes

  14. No, don't repeat Apple's lie that it's $329. It's practically useless with only 32gb internal storage, so it's an obvious scam to be able to say it sells at a cheaper price when in reality to have a useable device you're going to spend much more than that. It's a scummy thing to do and I'm sick of it.

  15. Curious what the big difference will between this new iPad & the latest air version
    Looking forward to a comparison video soon

  16. Apple basically just added 0.5 inches to the screen size and added a smart connector to the budget iPad. I have no problem with the new iPad, but why did they have to devote some time to show it in the keynote? The iPad mini and iPad Air were released via website refresh and I think the changes for those devices were more substantial compared to their predecessors.

  17. The verge always gets their facts wrong lol. This new Ipad supports both the new keyboard case and the new Apple Pencil. As they said in the event lol.

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