An App Picks My School Outfits For A Week / AllAroundAudrey

An App Picks My School Outfits For A Week / AllAroundAudrey

– This is Friday’s outfit. (chuckling) (upbeat music) (gasps) Yes! Hi guys, it’s Audrey and today I’m going to be letting an
app dress me for a whole week. So I saw this video on
Safiya Nygaard’s channel and I thought it’d be so fun she used the Pureple or purple I don’t know how you pronounce it I think it’s purple but
it’s not spelt like purple. So she let the app dress
her for a whole week but it’s gonna be a little
bit different for me because I actually have
to go to school this week in an outfit dressed by an app. So this might be really crazy I am sorry to anyone who saw me this upcoming week in these crazy outfits and I’m actually quite a little nervous because usually I try to
be stylish in my outfits and this might just throw it off and it could be embarrassing. So the first thing you do with this app is you download on your phone then you actually take a bunch
of pictures of your outfits and you put them into categories. Then the app decides
based off your description and the categories what
things would go together. So I’m gonna be taking some pictures and then let’s pick out
our outfit for tomorrow which is Sunday which means
I need some church attire so I’m probably gonna go
with a dress and some heels and maybe some jewelry so
that will be fun to see what it picks but let’s go
on taking some pictures. All right guys, here is the
process of what I am doing I’ve got one thing on my phone right now which is my really ripped jeans and I’ll show you what I do
for like taking the pictures and putting it into the phone. So I just laid out my jeans right here. These are the flower ones and up next all I do is just take
a picture of my jeans and then I go onto the
Pureple app, and I click add photo library then I add in my jeans I’m gonna click yes I
will select a category these go under the jeans category and they’re added successfully. But before I finish it, I’m
just gonna put some more things in it so I’m
just gonna put the color this kind of pair is I’d say medium denim and there was also some red on it so that’s what I’m gonna include. Oh I guess there’s a little bit of green so I’m just gonna put some
green in there and it’s done. So yeah I’m just gonna keep doing that to all of my clothes then after an hour like this is gonna take a long time to put a lot of my clothes in, I’m
not gonna put all my clothes in but like, a lot so it has some choices. After an hour, I should be done. All right guys, I have been
going hard at trying to get a lot of pieces of clothing
for my outfits this week so I’m gonna list of currently
of what I have of each item. So I have 10 pairs of
jeans, 11 pairs of shoes, three scarves, four
tank tops, five jackets and seventeen shirts, so now
I’m going to do the jewelry and just show you what
it looks like sped up. Let’s go. (upbeat music) All right guys, it is the time. I spent so long trying to put all these outfits into this app. I’ll just scroll through
and like show you guys. So here I have some of my
accessories all logged in and if you keep going here are some of my church shoes category. Then some dresses, I also
have some jackets, jeans, scarves, just shoes in general, sweaters slash like, warmer shirts. Here are some tank tops. Right now I am gonna choose out by the random selector of my phone what my outfit is going to be tomorrow. I am really nervous though because tomorrow I’m going to church and I have like a church
meeting beforehand so there’s gonna be a lot of
people looking at my outfit (laughs) maybe this is not the greatest time to do this challenge. But anyways, I don’t
care, let’s just do it I am so excited. So I just clicked the
button Suggest Outfit and now I have to pick
a category of things that I want for my outfit tomorrow. I’m gonna choose accessories,
church shoes and a dress. All right guys, this is the thing that they picked out for me. Okay, this is my opinion on it. I think the gray boots and the
dress, really good, A plus. The ring on the other hand, what? Where did that come from? I am so lost but okay. I think this is not too
bad for the first day. So let’s go on to Sunday. (upbeat music) All right this is day one of
Pureple picking out my outfits. This is what it looks like. My nice long flowy dress
which is actually so long ’cause you can’t really see my shoes but I am wearing the brown boots that they picked out for
me and the very weird ring. On a scale of one to 10, I
would rate this outfit a nine like this is really good. The only thing off is the accessories ’cause I would not wear
this with this outfit but it’s actually not
that bad ’cause it’s not like something, someone would be like oh my gosh, her outfit is so
weird because of her ring. Like, it’s fine, the ring is okay. The outfit is pretty close to what I would actually pick out myself. I’m excited to see what the rest of the week is gonna be like. Day one went great. I am so far thinking this
app is doing a good job at picking out my outfits. No-one really said anything about the ring someone complimented me on
my dress so that’s a plus. The only thing is it is a little hard to walk in this dress because I’m so short and I don’t know, these boots have heels but I guess they’re not long enough because I have to hold
my dress whenever I walk. So day number one, thumbs up. I’m a little nervous
for the rest of the week let’s see what Pureple picks out for me for tomorrow’s outfit which is Monday and first day coming back
to school on a weekend. So I’m on Pureple right now and I’m just gonna go with the first suggestion that they give me I’m not gonna keep clicking each item to try to get a better suggestion. I don’t know if I already
told you guys this but I put in 80+ of my
outfit pieces into this app. So there are so many options
they can pair things up with. I’m hoping it’ll make a good selection but yeah, let’s just go for it. (gasps) Yes, oh my gosh! They did such a good job! This is the suggestion that they gave me. I cannot be happier, I
was so worried this week that it was just gonna match all these weird outfits together and pieces that like, did
not go well with each other. I’m kind of worried ’cause
I put in silver shoes and I’m worried that it’s
gonna pick out them for a day but this outfit, I am so excited for. They did such a good job. Let’s go on to tomorrow! (upbeat music) Hi guys, it’s me, with my hair wavy, oh! (chuckles) All right, today is Monday and I’m gonna show you
what my outfit looks like. “Bon Jour” with my turtle necklace which I don’t think goes together. I think the necklace actualy
kind of ruins the outfit but it’s still good, it’s just
the worst part of the outfit. Then I have my jeans that
are slowly becoming ripped. (laughs) then I’ve got my toes in the snow because it is snowing outside and they decided to give
me some sandals today. So that’s good. So it is the end of the day. I’m gonna quickly review what I did for today in this outfit. So I went to school and I filmed a clip of my friend and I in our band class and throughout the day surprisingly people actually gave me compliments. They really liked my
shirt and a few people complimented me on my necklace
which was pretty awesome. So my friends and I did make a joke because the necklace is
so weird with this outfit it kind of says like,
bon turtle jour. (laughs) Which is really weird
’cause with this outfit I’d rather wear a ring or
earrings, not a necklace but besides that, pants were great and the shoes were not the best
because they were open-toed and it is snowing and
like 25 degrees outside. We ended up going to a
pizza place for band report. Eating pizza, woo! That was super fun, we had a
lot of fun eating the pizza. The band didn’t show up
though which was super sad so we decided to walk outside. All right guys so we are
outside walking downtown to go to another shop, I can’t even speak and it is so cold outside,
there’s snow everywhere and of course the app had to
pick out sandals for this day! So my feet are freezing! Yeah, it’s great, but it’s
fun, it’s fun, it’s a fun time. It’s all good. – If you don’t ever hear from Audrey again this’ll be like the lost tapes. – So we decided to walk outside and to go to a different place and the band wasn’t there either. So we walked outside in the cold and my toes were freezing! I was pretty sure I got
frostbite but I think I’m good. Then we went and got some
donuts which was amazing ’cause they were warm, they
just like warmed us up. For this outfit I would
give it a solid nine. So let’s just pick out tomorrow’s outfit. First one is, this! This is my outfit for tomorrow. So we’ve got a nice choker, black pants. Oh no. (laughs) We’ve got my sparkly dance shoes, a red and black and white
scarf and a senior shirt. So this is gonna be a
very interesting outfit this is not as good as today’s. But let’s go on to Tuesday. (upbeat music) This is Tuesday’s outfit! It’s a little weird but let me
show you what it looks like. So we have my blanket scarf which is red it’s like a pop of color of the outfit but underneath is my necklace choker that you can’t see because
the shirt is really high and it just like goes underneath and the scarf covers it. So there really is no point
to wearing the necklace but that’s what Pureple picked out so I know there’s a necklace
but other people don’t. Then I have my senior
shirt on, it says senior. In the picture it kind of did look black but it’s actually really dark blue so it doesn’t match my black pants but black pants goes with everything. So they also picked out my black pants and my sparkly dance shoes from last year. It was actually my performance
shoes for a hiphop routine and I haven’t really worn them since. So that was pretty interesting
that they picked these out. I can see like where they
pulled the pieces from they tried to match the
different color combinations but at the same time, I
think it’s hard for them to really see in person what
it’s gonna be like all together so this is not something I
would really wear at school and today is a day off of school so we’re gonna be filming a lot today and doing some homework
and stuff like that which is good because I don’t have to go out in public like this. But this outfit’s not bad, I’d
probably rate it a solid six. So that’s it for this outfit! (upbeat music) So this is the end for Tuesday’s outfit pretty much all I did
today was film some videos and work on some homework
while school was out. Time to rip the tiny paper. – Go, Audrey, go! I’ll set the timer. (yelps) Go, go, go! Go, Audrey, go! Go, Audrey, go! Go, go, go, go! – Yes! – Yeah, you did it! – So let’s see what tomorrow’s outfit is gonna look like for Wednesday
and what Pureple picks out. I’m a little nervous because tomorrow I am going back to school. Okay this is not that bad. So this was the combo that they gave me. Actually, I am surprised,
they did a pretty good job. I was worried that they were gonna give me some weird colors but throughout the week what I’ve noticed so far, is
they really love white shirts. So far Monday through Wednesday
I have worn a white shirt which is good ’cause I get
white shirts go with everything but it is something that I’ve
noticed that they’ve done. So let’s go on to tomorrow. (upbeat music) Today is Wednesday, good morning and this is what my outfit looks like! I feel like I’m a mix between a carpenter and a rockstar at the same time. So the top is like, I don’t know this pattern just gives
me like, a carpenter vibes like I’m supposed to sawing
some wood or something. Usually I wear my flannels around my waist I never wear it like this so
it is a little bit different. I think it goes well with the tank top the only thing is I have
to tuck in the sides because the sides actually
go longer than the flannel. Then next we have my ripped jeans which kind of like, it’s carpenter on top, rockstar on the bottom
and my bold black boots. I feel like this is what everyone’s gonna be staring at the whole day. Then I’ve got my bangles here and I put my hair into a curly ponytail. Yeah, this outfit I’d probably rate like seven or an eight on the scale. I think it did a pretty good
job pairing the blacks together it always like puts on a white shirt but the bracelets are a good touch it’s not like fail for the
jewelry day which is good. Let’s go to school! We’re driving to school. Jordan, what do you think of my outfit? – I think it’s cool. I have never seen you
wear that outfit though. I like how you styled the flannel but you could also be a lumberjack. – Wait that’s what I said,
did you hear me say that? – You said carpenter. (laughs) – Oh. – I think it’s a good outfit. I think the app is doing a good job. – Would you wear it? – Maybe. – All right guys so I’m back from school and a lot of people said today that I looked like someone else because this outfit is not something that I would usually wear but they still thought it was a good outfit so for example, I was talking to my friend in the computer lab and
then my other friend came up and she’s like Cally
who are you talking to? Then she saw my face and she’s like whoa I didn’t even think that was you you look like a different
person from behind. But I think this outfit was a thumbs up they did pretty good with it. I got lots of compliments on it and on my hair too so that’s good! So this is all for Wednesday. Let’s pick out tomorrow’s
outfit for Thursday let’s see what Pureple chooses for me. Oh okay, oh. Oh (chuckles) Yay. So it uses two different kinds of reds they matched a red shirt
with my maroon boots. This might be the worst fashion day but let’s go on to Thursday. (upbeat music) Woo! So it is Thursday morning I’m dressed in my outfit
and I want you guys to comment down below your
first impression, go, go, go! Today I actually thought
would be my worst outfit and I think it might be for this week unless something gets crazier
tomorrow and Saturday. Here’s my red shirt, it’s actually velvet so it feels pretty cool then my pants I’ve already worn and also my jewelry that I wore yesterday still wearing today ’cause
they liked it apparently. Then I have my maroon-ish boots but with this outfit,
they actually look brown so I guess that’s good, it’s
not like a clashing color but it is a little bit weird together. I wouldn’t normally pair
them but it’s all right. So I’m pretty interested to see if the app will still
continue with the red and white scheme for the other two days. All right, let’s go to school. All right it’s lunch time
and I’m here with my friends. What do you guys think of my outfit today? – It’s totally cute. – I like it. I probably wouldn’t choose those shoes ’cause the red and brown together. – Yeah they’re actually maroon but with this outfit,
they look more brown. – Yeah. – But I think the same thing. Usually I would not pick out this outfit but a friend in band actually said I didn’t tell her I was
doing this experiment and she said she loved the outfit and I was very surprised so I guess you would say pretty good rating. – I liked your outfit yesterday. – Yeah I think Pureple
is doing a good job. So thanks guys! (chuckles) So it’s the end of Thursday
and I’m back home from school. Surprisingly, I got a lot of
compliments on today’s outfit and a lot of people
agreed that they thought the shoes were brown, they
didn’t think it was maroon. So that’s cool how color changes depending on, like, what you wear. Let’s see what Pureple picks
out for tomorrow’s outfits. Oh no! Oh no! (laughing) This one’s gonna be the worst day! These things do not match, oh no. Oh this is the worst combo ever! (laughing) I’m scared, I thought
it could not get worse but it just did and I have
to wear more high heels. Let’s go on to Friday. (upbeat music) This is Friday’s outfit. (chuckles) There’s so many things
going on with this outfit I don’t even know where to begin. It does not go together! (sigh) So here’s the top, I’m
wearing my mustard tank top with a pink shark tooth necklace? Then this jacket cardigan that actually there was like string that
you can like tie it up but that would just look worse so I just took that out. But I don’t know how they
paired the top pieces together ’cause there is no pink in
here, there’s no brown in this. So I don’t know what Pureple was thinking. Then the pants are my
ripped jeans that you saw the other day and then I’m
wearing high heeled sandals. Yeah, it just snowed the other day and I’m wearing sandals in the snow. Pureple does not match
up with the weather right because on Monday I did this
exact same thing in sandals and I froze my toes and now I’m gonna do that again today but in heels. (yelping) – It’s in my pocket. (laughing) I love you! Sometimes. (Audrey laughs) – But yeah, I am super
nervous to go to school I don’t want other people to see me and today we have like a
big assembly with everyone and I’m gonna be playing in the band. So a lot of people are
probably gonna look at me so this is gonna be great, yay! Let’s go to school. What do you think? – Oh no! It’s gonna be okay, Audrey. – [Audrey] It doesn’t go together! – I was gonna say it doesn’t look too bad but then nevermind ’cause it does. – I think the shoes is the shining star. (Audrey laughs) – Yeah this is like weird. You have like high heels, the
pink and the yellow, yeah. (upbeat music) – It is the last day and this is my outfit that Pureple picked out! I think it did a pretty good
job except for one factor and you’ll see that pretty soon. So I think Pureple really
loves these bracelets because they picked out these bracelets for three days this week which is a lot I put in so many other jewelry pieces they could have matched up. I haven’t worn earrings at all this week. But they also paired it
with this flower shirt which actually matches the pants ’cause there’s white on the shirt and white on the pants. But then when you get down
here, it’s black shoes. Yeah. Whoa. (laughing) I don’t think the black
shoes go very well with it. But yeah, that’s how this app
worked out for me this week I would actually give this app probably four out of five stars. I think it’s great for when you don’t know what to wear in the morning and you’re running late and you can just press
a button on your app and you can always swipe on
certain pieces of clothes like if I didn’t want these shoes I can always, like, swipe right and it’ll just change the shoes which would be nice. But this week I wanted to go
with what it exactly wanted without my personal opinion. So comment down below
what day was your favorite and what day you thought was the craziest. Remember to like, subscribe and share and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye! (upbeat music)

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