All Android Phones: How to Fix Charging Problems, Won't Charge, Slow Charge, Boot Loop,  etc

All Android Phones: How to Fix Charging Problems, Won't Charge, Slow Charge, Boot Loop, etc

hello everybody so today I'm going to show you what you can do to fix your Android phone where you have a charging issue maybe your phone won't charge at all maybe a charge is sometimes then it'll stop maybe it'll charge up to a certain point and then it won't charge no more maybe your phone will charge your certain point and then when you unplug it within a minute or so it drops 50 percent 60 70 percents or maybe is this charging very very slow now I'm going to go over a lot of different scenarios what you can do and this video is busy going to pertain to pretty much the phones that have a removable battery okay now if you don't have a removable battery you can go ahead and try the steps where you don't actually have to take out the battery so it's going to do is follow each and every one of these steps okay so first thing is this you have a wall charging adapter now your wall charging adapter could be faulty so if you have another one laying around go ahead and try another one okay another thing is to is your wall outlet may be faulty so instead of plugging in air use another wall outlet somewhere else and try to plug it in there and see if it works another thing is it could also be the cable with one of your pins or broken thing like that it could be actually being your actual cable what you may want to do is go ahead and find another cable laying around the house and where maybe you can borrow one and use that cable and see if your phone will charge that way now another thing that could be possible – is your ports your USB port in your phone could be dirty okay you may have lint or if you did get your phone wet or soda in it it could have corroded some of the pins in here so when you can do basically and you may have lint or dirt near as well as get yourself a like a toothpick and go ahead and play around here see you could pull out any kind of lint we will you kind of can do as well as kind of like scrape a little bit of the metal parts in here too because you may have some pieces in here too a crota from like water and stuff like that too so going to keep playing around with it and then try to plug it in it doesn't work pull it back out and keep again go ahead and keep playing around inside of your port maybe even give it like a couple blows keep playing with it and then keep trying to plug it back in okay now that doesn't work what you can do is this as well just go ahead and pop the back and then pop out your battery leave it for 10 seconds and then go ahead and put your battery back in and then go ahead and plug in your phone and see if it's charging another thing you can do too is especially if your phone is like constantly rebooting kind of like in a bootloop state what you can do is take out your battery just like this and now what you want to do is you want to press and hold down your power button press and hold it down for one minute after one minute let go and then go ahead and put the put the battery back in there and then go ahead and try to charge your phone your phone doesn't still doesn't charge what you can do again is take out the battery again and this time press and hold the power button for two minutes this time instead of one minute and what this will basically do is discharge all the excess battery one number two minutes then go ahead and put the battery back in so if it still doesn't work take out the better again and then press and hold it down for three minutes this time and then put it back in and hopefully your phone will start charging normally if it doesn't what else you can do is this okay now it's possible lot of your Android phones especially a Galaxy phones what will happen is a lot of times you'll have like a stuck and these are some of the HD HTC phones as well and Google Nexus phones as well but basically your power button will be stuck or like Jam so what you can do is it doesn't matter if your batteries in turn out just go ahead and keep pressing in and out of your power button like this as fast you can in and out and then go ahead and plug your phone back in see if it starts charging product if it doesn't you can go ahead and pull the cable back out and start playing with the buttons again your power button in and out even go ahead and give it a few smacks like use your hand and smack that power button just like this keep smacking it back and forth okay and hopefully that's going to bring your phone up and running too charging properly now that doesn't work it's also possible that your battery could be bad so if you can go ahead and pull out your battery and replace your battery with another battery because your issue could be your a faulty battery you can get these batteries very very cheap on eBay as well and hopefully one of these steps will get your phone back up and running if any of these steps do get your phone back up and running if you can comment what step actually worked for you to get your phone charging properly now if none of these steps work then basically you may have an issue with your USB port inside here now these are actually very very easy to replace and very inexpensive especially if you can get used parts and stuff like that off like eBay they're very easy to replace as well and that's pretty much it if you have any other questions or anything just comment below thanks

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  2. hi there, my s5 overheated from playing a game and phone paused and switched self off and would not come back on or charge, so i took every thing out to cool down but no luck, i got a new battery it only had like 40percent left in it but the phone switched on ok and it's like cpu is ok. but if i try to charge phone there's no response so it seems the problem is the overheating caused damage to charge port yeah, is this expensive to get repaired? i got no way of charging my new battery now lol its a bugger. I'm using an older phone for the time being.

  3. So basically my phone will sit there and flash every now and again the charging symbol but it won’t let me turn it on it won’t let me do anything to it

  4. Wow finally! Scraped a little bit of gunk off (that I disnt see) with a plastic toothpick and blew in it and viola!

  5. Him: "keep playing with it and maybe blow it "
    Me: Um….Ok
    *plays roblox*blows on it every 4 minutes

  6. Thx so much it works my phone kept stopping at 34 and I changed my charger box piece and I blowed in it and it worked thx so much

  7. Someone please help me..
    About REVERSE CHARGING..when i put usb cable for charge my android,it will show REVERSE CHARGING,NON STOP..then it show system stopped and screen will off and gone crazy..please help me how to disable it.
    Im not charge my android to other just charge my android and it will show that

  8. My phone doesn't charge more than 55% If i want to use my phone,i have to charge it all the time,
    I lose 10% in 5 mins,
    i need to try a different charger ;-;

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