Adobe Premiere Rush – What You Need To Know (Smartphone Editing App)

Adobe Premiere Rush – What You Need To Know (Smartphone Editing App)

– Today I’m gonna walk you through the newly released Adobe Premiere Rush mobile video editing app. And on the surface, this app looks amazing so we’re gonna dig into
it and I’m gonna show you some of the features that come with it and some of these features are incredible. And then a little later in the video, I’m gonna tell you what I
personally think about the app and what I think about the app when compared to other
mobile video editing apps like LumaFusion or KineMaster. It’s also the first app that I’m aware of that’s specifically targeting
mobile content creators, web creators, and YouTubers. So that alone is a big deal
because it is an all-in-one app and you can do everything right inside of Adobe Premiere Rush. There are some other
noteworthy features as well. For example, if you’re already
working with Premiere Pro, you can send files back and forth between the Adobe Premiere
Rush and Premiere Pro. You can also send your
files up to the Adobe Cloud and pull them down on the desktop if you started the project on your phone and that is super convenient
for mobile editors on the go. And if you heard the
words Adobe Project Rush being tossed around, that is
this app when it was in beta. After the official release, they changed the name
to Adobe Premiere Rush and that’s the app that
we’re working with today. Now let’s open up Adobe Premiere Rush and look at some of the top features. Now when you first open up Rush, it’s gonna prompt you to
go through a tutorial. Go ahead and do that, it’s gonna show you where everything is but since I’ve already done that, it’s just asking me to
create a new project. However, the first thing I wanna show you is if you go down to the plus icon on the very bottom and tap on that, you’re gonna see an option to add media or take video or photo. Yes, this app has a camera inside of it and it’s actually pretty good. So if you tap that, you’re
gonna see the video option and a photo option and then
a toggle down at the bottom that you can shoot between auto and pro. If you put it on pro, you can go through the bottom down here and you can go through
the different icons. You can see you can change
the ISO shutter speed, exposure meter, moving on over, you can change the exposure bias, you can change the temperature, the tint, the white balance, you can
put it on auto white balance. Moving right over, you can change the auto focus or the focus points. You can zoom in, you can zoom
out or you can tap over here and you can change the
resolution and the frame rate. For example, if you wanna shoot in 1080p, you can go all the way up
to 240 frames per second and if you wanna shoot in 4K, you can shoot in 60 frames per second. Up here at the top, you
can click in the top right and that’s the selfie cam. You have the torch, you have the flash, it’s automatic, you can
turn turn it on and off. Or you can tap on the
grid that will help you line up your photos or your videos or you can just close it
out by tapping on the X. Now for this tutorial, I’m gonna go back and I’m gonna add media so I’m gonna tap on the
media that I wanna use. I’m gonna go back and
choose a couple of videos that I shot earlier today. I just ran out to the mall and just shot something really quick
before I came in here. You choose the clips that you want, you can add a title and if you
wanna sync this to the Cloud, you will check this down
here just like this, if you don’t wanna do that,
you can turn that off. I don’t wanna do that right now. So I have my clips selected
and I’m gonna tap on Create. It’s gonna prepare the media and then it’s gonna load
them up in the timeline. Now if you look at the top,
this is the video that I shot and if you look at the
area highlighted in orange, that’s the actual clip. I am pressing my thumb down and I’m simply scrolling to the left and it is moving it just like this just along the timeline. So if I take my thumb and I
touch anywhere on the screen, either on the clip or down below it and I move to the left, it scrubs along. If I use two fingers and I tap, I can actually spread
the clip out like this. Now if I scrub back and forth,
this is what it looks like and if I hit the Play button, you’re gonna see an audiometer
on the right hand side. Now that these clips are loaded in, I wanna go down to the bottom and look at the options down there. The little blue plus along the bottom, this is where you can
capture more content, add a title, add more
media, or do a voiceover. We’re not gonna do that right now so we’re gonna close that out. And then the little icon next to that, the little file icon, if you tap on that, those are movies or projects
that you’re working on so we’re gonna close out of that and we’re gonna move over
one more to the right which is the little layer
icon which is really cool. If you tap on that, this is
where you can lock your layer, you can turn the audio on
and off, or you can mute it. This is really cool once
you start building up multiple layers including audio and multiple video layers
and titles and so on. So closing that out, we’re gonna move on to the next one and this allows you to set either a landscape
portrait or a square. So if you’re building
something for Instagram, you’re gonna make a square. If it’s portrait, you
can put this on Facebook or you can put this on
IGTV or an Instagram Story. For this video, we’re
gonna keep it on landscape. So moving to the right of that, if you tap on the titles icon, this is gonna open up a lot
of title options for you and text options, lower thirds and so on. You can tap on that and
you can scroll around. Some of them are motion
graphics, some of them are not. We’re gonna scroll over to the right and we’re gonna tap on
some of the motion graphics to see how they look. And when you tap on them,
they’re gonna load up on top of the video and you can grab them, push your thumb down on ’em
and move ’em wherever you want and then simply use your
thumb to scrub through or hit the Play button to
see what they look like once they’re live. And if you wanna delete it, highlight it, come over here to the trash icon, tap on that and it disappears. Once you find a title that you wanna keep, just tap on the text and you
can add whatever you want. Moving on to the right
of titles is transitions. There’s only a couple
of transitions in here but for most people working in YouTube, the dips and the cross
dissolves and the hard cuts, these are probably enough
to get you up and running. All you need to do is
tap on the one you want, then go into Edit and choose the duration of the actual transition itself. Once it’s in there, just
scroll back with your thumb, press Play and watch the transition. This is all pretty basic,
they are limited here but like I said, I think this is enough for most people to get going. If you want more advanced transitions, hopefully this is something that they’re gonna come
up with in the future or maybe you can build your own but there hasn’t been any
word of that as of yet. So moving along to the right
of transitions is color and they have some really
good color presets. So what you wanna do is go to the timeline and tap on the clip that you
wanna change the color on and do a color treatment. Then come down to color and
it has built-in presets. So just scroll through ’em, tap on them and find the ones that are gonna
look right for your project and if you wanna toggle back and forth to see what it looked
like before and after, you can come here to this
little blue toggle switch in the middle and simply
turn it on and off so you can see what it
looked like before and after. You can also go down to the bottom, you can change the intensity of the filter that you’re putting on it and you can create your own preset. Moving to the right of color is audio and this one is really cool and it’s something that’s lacking in the other video editing
apps currently available. If you tap on audio, it’s gonna open up a lot of features for
you and you can see here you have your clip volume,
you can mute something, you can toggle on and off, you can see what it sounds like
with or without the change, and you can come down to advanced and this is where it gets cool. You see where it says Other? Well if you tap on Change Type, if somebody was actually
speaking here or if it was music, you could tap on those
and it’s gonna change the audio setting to
make this sound better. So if it were voice,
you could tap on Voice and it’s gonna give you even more options and this is where this really shines. You can auto volume, you
can balance the sound, you can reduce background noise which look, this alone is amazing. I know a lot of people creating on phones are looking for ways to
reduce their background noise. This will help with that. You can reduce your echo,
you can enhance your speech which basically means it’s gonna give you a little bit of an EQ and you can choose between a male or a female. Look, this feature is really
powerful and in my opinion, it’s one of the most exciting
features of this app. Moving along to the right
of audio is transform. If you tap on Transform, this is where you can change everything in regards to rotation or
zooming in or zooming out. So you can see as I scroll down here that there are a lot of options to crop the image, to feather the edges, to zoom in, change the opacity, rotate it. For example, if I come in
here and I change rotation, it’s gonna spin the image like this. I can double tap on it and
it’s gonna go back to zero. I can come down to the bottom for crop and if I wanna crop in the top, I can crop in the top just like that. I can crop in the bottom
just like that too. So if you wanna do some
sort of a cinematic look, you can easily do that
inside of Premiere Rush. And if I want them to go
back to where they were, I simply tap on them
and it goes right back. Now, if you’re working with
vertical video or square, you can come back, you can
change this to portrait and then come back over to transform and once you get your video
clip zoomed in where you want, you can simply tap on it
and you can use your finger to move it around and center it. You can also use two
fingers to pinch and zoom and twist the video to
fill it up however you want or spin it, or enlarge,
or decrease the size so that it fits inside your working space. Now, after I put the
video back in landscape, I’m gonna move over to
the right once again and I’m gonna show you
how to do some basic cuts and how to duplicate the clip. So if we’re back on the timeline, down on the bottom, you’re
gonna see a pair of scissors. You simply tap on the scissors and it’s going to cut your clip. You can go back and you can
add a transition in here or you can grab one side
of the clip or both clips and size it down to reduce
the length of the clip. If you want to duplicate your clip, you move to the right of the scissors and you tap on the duplicate icon and that’s gonna create
another clip or another image directly behind the one that
you wanted to duplicate. And when you’ve put your clip together and you’re ready to export, you simply go up to the top and you tap on the Export button here in the
middle on the right hand side. And if you come down to the bottom, you’re gonna see the Quality Settings. Make sure you toggle that and
you’re gonna see your presets. If you tap on that, you’re
gonna see 720, 1080, you’re gonna see the
different frame rates. If you shoot in 4K, that’s
gonna show up here as well. So we’re gonna go down to the bottom, we’re gonna tap on Export, and it’s gonna render out your video but be aware the note there that says do not close Rush or lock your device. Now, once your video has been encoded, you can go down to the bottom and you can share it out directly to YouTube, Facebook,
Instagram, or Behance. Now, I’ve walked you
through some of the app and you’ve seen a lot of the features and it looks amazing, right? So let’s talk about how much it costs. If you have the Creative
Cloud All Apps subscription, Adobe Premiere Rush
will be included in that so you don’t have to pay anything extra. Just download it and enjoy it. Now if you’re paying for a
single app plan for Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Rush
will be included as that so again, you don’t have to pay for it. And if you wanna use it for
free, you can do that too. You get all of the features, there are no limitations
in terms of editing, however, you are limited to
only three exports per month. So you can use it for
free, there’s no watermark, but you can only export
three videos per month. So what Adobe’s really saying
here is download the app, use it as much as you want
but you can only export three times per month but if
you wanna do more than that, you’re gonna have to pay for the upgrade and that’s what we’re
gonna talk about next which kind of puts me in the eh, maybe it’s too expensive territory. So if you want Adobe Premiere
Rush as a standalone app, be it on your phone or on your desktop, it’s gonna cost you $9.99 per month. And yeah, right? That’s kind of expensive, no,
that’s not kind of expensive, that is expensive considering and I talked about I’m gonna compare this against the LumaFusion and KineMaster. LumaFusion is currently
around $20 for lifetime. So you buy it one time, it’s yours, you own it, there’s no
monthly subscription. KineMaster has a monthly
subscription of around four to $5 but it gets cheaper if you pay
for the yearly sum upfront. So both of these apps are a lot cheaper than Adobe Premiere Rush. I think Adobe Premiere Rush
is kind of priced too much but if you’re serious about mobile editing and you like how this app works then maybe that’s gonna work for you but for me personally, unless
Adobe wants to contact me and give me the app for free, call me. I’m not gonna pay for it
because I’m perfectly happy with both KineMaster and LumaFusion. Which brings me on to the next thing which is how does Adobe Premiere Rush compare against LumaFusion and KineMaster? So for LumaFusion, I think that’s the most robust app out there. That is a powerhouse of an app. It’s very affordable but
it’s really difficult to get your head around. But when you do it, it is super powerful. So if you don’t mind putting
in the work to learn it, it will pay off, that’s
a great app to get. But if you’re just starting out and maybe a difficult app intimidates you, I think KineMaster is the way to go. That’s personally my daily go-to app when I wanna do something on my phone. KineMaster is affordable,
it works, it never crashes, it’s very intuitive and easy to use. I think it comes at a better price point than Adobe Premiere Rush and it does a lot of the same things. And I know they’re doing
massive upgrades right now so be on the look out for that. I still think KineMaster is the
best bang for your buck here unless you wanna dive in, put in the work and learn LumaFusion. And as you can see, I currently do not have a LumaFusion video and that’s because I’m still
trying to get my head around it and even though it’s an amazing app, I’ve watched other people use it so I know how powerful it is, I’m still a little bit slow
trying to figure it out. So if you’re wondering what I think about Adobe Premiere Rush, look, I think it’s an amazing app,
I think it’s very intuitive, it’s easy to use, the audio features, I mean who else has great
audio features like this? Look, this is the first
one that they’ve put out and this is a great number one. This is a great start and
it can only go up from here. The only thing that turns me
off about this is the price. Functionality-wise, I
think it’s fantastic, I love it, it’s smooth, I haven’t had any problems with it yet except for I don’t like the fact that when I used the
camera inside of the app and I shoot in landscape, I
actually have to rotate it once I load it into the app to work on it but if I use the native
camera inside my iPhone, it loads it up perfectly
in landscape mode. So that’s a little thing that I’m sure they’re gonna fix in the future. But everything else, I
think it’s a solid app, it’s just a little too
much for me personally. Now while this is available
on both mobile and desktop, it’s currently only available for iOS. Android users can get this app in 2019. So I’m gonna put a link down
in the description below if you are an Android user
so you can be notified of when this app is available for you. If you wanna learn more
about your mobile phone, be a mobile content creator,
or be a mobile YouTuber, be sure to hit that Subscribe button followed by the notification bell so you don’t miss out on anything. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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