28 thoughts on “5 Types of Fortnite Players!! Android, Cheaters, Lucky… – Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. Seriously are u dumb u think ur gonna get money and views from this? Ur famous for gt not fortnite u r such a dumb kid

  2. Another youtuber who started Fortnite because need more views money sad youtube today im want old youtube back when youtubers made videos for people .

  3. Норм видос. И да, ты бы на строителя поставил бы FiveSkill. Он русский челик, рекорд по быстрому строительству. Давай вторую часть

  4. Will you play GT sometime cause u can't say u quit for just DL … I am not saying always but I ask if you will play GT sometime. BTW nice vid!

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