3 Secret iPhone Camera Features For Perfect Focus

3 Secret iPhone Camera Features For Perfect Focus

Do you sometimes get iPhone
photos that are out of focus? If so, you’re definitely
not alone. While the autofocus of the
iPhone usually works fine, there are also times
when it doesn’t work and that’s when you end
up with blurry photos that you can’t possibly use but it really doesn’t have
to be that way. My name is Emil Pakarklis. I’m the founder of
iPhone Photography School and in this short video
I’ll reveal three secret iPhone camera features
for getting perfect focus. Once you start using these
three secret features, your iPhone photos will
always turn out tack sharp. Now, if you can’t hear me,
please tap on this video to turn on the sound
and then we can get started. One of the most common
reasons iPhone photos end up blurry is because
the focus is not set correctly. So, how do you set focus
on the iPhone? Actually it’s really simple.
Let me show you how to do it. So, when you first open the
Camera app of the iPhone, you’ll see that the iPhone
has already picked somewhat of an average focus
for this photo and we have these beautiful
flowers in the foreground as well as the street
buildings in the background but neither of them is
really in focus. because the iPhone has tried
to make sure that as many parts of the photo as possible
are in focus and as a result, nothing is really in focus.
So, in order to fix that, all you have to do is
use your finger and tap it on the screen where
you want the focus to be. So, right now I’m going
to tap on this flower So, right now I’m going
to tap on this flower
in the foreground and you’ll
see this yellow box appear in the foreground and you’ll
see this yellow box appear and that means that the focus
is now set on the flowers in
the foreground. Now, if I want to set the
focus on the buildings in the background instead,
all I have to do is tap my finger on these buildings
in the background finger on these buildings
in the background and you’ll see that now
these buildings are in focus but the flowers in the
foreground are no longer sharp. Now, when I set the focus
here on these buildings in the background, the image
also became a little bit darker and that’s because when
you’re setting focus, you’re also adjusting
how dark or how bright the photo is going to be, so if that’s a problem,
it’s really easy to fix and all you have to do
is simply swipe your finger up or down the screen
like this and you can make the
photo darker or brighter if you need to do that. So, now that I’m happy with
both focus and exposure, I’m gonna go ahead and
take another photo and if we compare these
two photos side by side, you’ll see that in the
first photo, the flowers in the foreground
are nice and sharp, but the buildings in the
background are out of focus while in the second photo, the
buildings in the background are in focus
but the flowers in foreground are no longer sharp, so the bottom line is this,
if you want to make sure that your iPhone photos
turn out great, you should always
set the focus yourself. Otherwise you’re leaving
your photos up to chance. Sometimes they’ll work out
and other times they won’t but you will not get
consistent results. Now, the technique
I just shared with you works really great but
there’s one problem. Every time you take a shot
or every time something changes in
the scene, the iPhone will automatically reset back to
auto focus and whatever changes you have made to
focus and exposure will simply disappear. Now, obviously it’s a problem
especially if you want to take several photos
where the focus is the same but luckily there’s a
very easy way to fix that and that is
by locking the focus. So, let me show you
how to do that. So, in order to lock the focus,
all you have to do is simply tap and hold your finger where you want
the focus to be set. So, I want to set the focus on
this wall in the background, so I’m gonna simply tap
and hold my finger there for a couple of seconds until
the letters AE/AF Lock appear at the top of the screen and that tells me that
both focus and exposure are now locked and no matter
how many photos I take, and no matter what kind of
changes happen in the scene, I can be confident that the
focus will remain unchanged until I switch it back off. Now, this technique is
particularly useful when you’re expecting a
great photo opportunity and you’ll want to be
prepared in advance. For example,
I’m sitting on the side of this little beautiful street and I know that eventually
some people will walk past me and when that happens, I want
to be ready to take the photo and because of that, I’m
locking the focus in advance and I’m gonna already
frame the shot and I’ll shoot it through
this beautiful green grass in the foreground
so that my subjects will be partially obscured,
so now I simply have to sit here and wait until someone
walks past me. Okay, so now
I think the moment is right, so I’m gonna take
several photos and you can see that no
matter how many photos I take, the focus remains locked
and the beautiful green grass in the foreground
is still blurred out and these are the kind
of photos I can only take by locking the focus
of my iPhone. Next I’d like to share with
you an advanced technique for setting focus accurately
in your iPhone photos and this technique is
particularly useful when your subjects are small
or they’re far away and you want to be
absolutely sure you’ve set the focus
the right way. So, if we look at the scene, you’ll see that my wife
and my daughter are standing here
on this beautiful street and I’d like to set focus
on them to make sure that their
faces are perfectly sharp but if I simply tap
my finger on them, I cannot be absolutely
sure where the focus goes. Maybe the iPhone
does a good job and the focus
goes on the subjects or perhaps the focus is
instead set somewhere into the distant background
and I don’t want that. So, in order to accurately
set focus on my subjects, what I can do is
use two fingers to zoom in and to get really
close to my subjects like so and then I can tap and hold
my finger right on the face of my subject like so until
the letters AE/AF Lock appear and now I’ve locked
the focus on my subject but I’m not gonna take a photo
while I’m zoomed in like this because this photo wouldn’t
be of high quality. The iPhone uses digital zoom
when you zoom in too much and what happens is that
you lose photo quality if you take zoomed in shots
like this. So, instead I’m gonna
use two fingers again, So, instead I’m gonna
use two fingers again, this time to zoom out and I’m gonna zoom
all the way out but you’ll see that the letters
AE/AF Lock are still there which means that the focus
is still set on the face of my subject
and if I now take some photos, you’ll see that my subjects
are still perfectly sharp and I’m confident that
their faces will be in focus even though they’re far away and this is how you can
accurately set focus when your subjects are
far away and when it’s really important
that they are perfectly sharp. Now, as you can see from the
techniques I just shared, the iPhone camera looks
really simple on the surface but when you start digging
deeper, it’s really not that simple. There are so many hidden
camera features and camera settings that you
probably don’t know about and I could only share a
handful of them in a short video like this and to make things worse,
it’s not enough to simply learn about all the different
iPhone camera features. You also have to understand
how to use each one of them in different photography
scenarios. We’re talking about
different light conditions, different photography subjects and even different genres
and styles of photography but here’s the good news, once you really understand
iPhone photography, you’ll be able to take
the kind of photos that nobody would even
believe were taken with the iPhone and that’s why I created
iPhone Photo Academy which is an online course
teaching you everything there is to know about
iPhone photography. So, right next to this video,
you’ll find more information about my full iPhone
Photo Academy course. If you’d like to use your
iPhone to take stunning photos that you’ll be proud to
look at many years later, and if you’d like to do it
without having to carry your bulky camera,
then please take a look at my full iPhone
Photo Academy course. There’s more information
right next to this video. So, take a look and I really
hope to see you there.

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