2018 iPad Pro Review – Pro Just Got Better

2018 iPad Pro Review – Pro Just Got Better

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
this is the 12.9 inch iPad pro been using it every single day since it
came out and it’s one of my favorite devices have been waiting since the
twelve point nine inch first-generation to buy a new twelve point nine inch and
this is where I use every single day when I’m not editing a video this is my
main computer so I wanted to talk about whether or not you should get one and
we’ll talk about all the specs and everything too so let’s take a look now
so the iPad itself is very thin in light it’s 1.39 pounds for the Wi-Fi version
and just 0.1 pound more 1.4 pounds for the cellular version now the design is
really nice thinner bezels with a new liquid retina
which just means that the corners are curved
it’s a 2732 by 2048 264 pixel per inch display it has p3 wide color gamut true
tone and all of the other things you’d expect from apple’s display great
viewing angles it looks better than the 10-hour display as far as viewing angles
go but it’s very very nice either way and it goes incredibly bright it goes to
600 nits so to give you an idea the new MacBook Air only goes to half of that
300 minutes it goes very very bright and I think it’s fine in most situations
except for maybe direct sunlight now the design is very reminiscent of the iPhone
5 and 5s era I love it it’s actually really thin and squared off but rounded
corners so on this side you do have a microphone on the bottom we have the all
new USBC connector for an iPad anyway then two speakers here and then on this
side we have the spot where we actually can attach our pencil and I’ll talk
about that more in a moment and then we have our volume up and down button we
also have our power sleep/wake button here two more speakers two more
microphones for a total of five microphones one of them is on the back
as well so we have a new camera as well 12 megapixel F/1.8 it’s basically the
same camera sensor that’s in the iPhones but it’s not optically image stabilized
and has different Lenz’s you also have your Pogo pin
adapters for the smart keyboard cover folio that we’ll talk about in a moment
now we do have a little bit of an eyebrow and if you haven’t a Wi-Fi model
this is what it looks like if you have a cellular it wraps around the edges here
so they’re very similar either way now the overall design is nice in the hands
it’s it’s sturdy and I know some people have said it’s kind of weak but if you
try and twist it a little bit it doesn’t really flex very much you might be able
to see it here but I’m not applying a whole lot of pressure but I find that
the older ipads such as the iPad air seems to flex a little bit more now you
can see it and I’m not applying much pressure whatsoever this isn’t something
you’re going to do very often but if you put it in a bag just know that it could
twist a little bit because something is just little pressing up against it now
you’ll see it unlocked very quickly using face ID we have no more home
button and it works in any orientation so if I rotate it here you’ll see it it
says camera covered and points to it so let’s do that again and it’s unlocked
if I rotate it this way will lock it again rotate it this way it’s going to
tell me to look down to unlock so if I look down it unlocks so it’s great it
works really well in any rotation and at first I thought it was going to be a
pain because I really like touch ID but it turns out it works really well on the
iPad and I’ve rarely had to put in my password because of it now one thing you
may have noticed is we don’t have a headphone jack anywhere around this and
that kind of drives me nuts but Apple says that’s because this display goes so
close to the edges they call it edge to edge it’s not really edge to edge
compared to an iPhone for example but because it comes so close to the edge
they had to make room for the parts that make the display bright and light it and
and make it work so they didn’t have room to put in a headphone jack I’m not
sure I buy that I think they could have fit a headphone jack in here and it’s a
pain to have to use your ear pods when you’re actually using your iPad because
well those don’t last as long as the iPad does now this has a large battery
in it it lasts easily 10 hours if we take a look at the battery here we’ll go
to the battery settings you’ll see that I’m more recently charged it but if we
go back to the last seven days I only try
twice since I’ve got this so since I’ve had this I purchased this myself but
since I’ve had this it took two charges to bring it up to where I needed and
you’ll see there’s the battery going down over time although it didn’t go
back up maybe I plugged in and I don’t remember but it’s really held up well it
easily will get you ten hours even doing pretty heavy tasks so I normally using
YouTube I use alumina fusion a little bit to edit in compressed video just to
try it out and it works well now talking about the specs of this iPad it has the
a 12X processor in it with the neural engine and m12 coprocessor also 4GB
RAM now if you have the larger storage model it has 6GB of RAM the
larger being one terabyte and we’ll talk about price in a moment but
it comes in with 4GB of RAM which is plenty for most applications
the extra RAM is really to manage that extra storage so this is the 256
gigabyte model this comes in at 11:49 without any of the accessories so it
starts at $9.99 and goes up to 1899 so you can price this over $2000 with the
cellular model with a terabyte of storage now that sounds kind of crazy
but Apple says it’s over 90% faster or faster than 90% of laptops sold last
year or portable devices sold last year so those numbers it’s hard to say but
there are saying it’s about core i7 performance and benchmarks actually show
that so I did run a benchmark on this so we’ll take a look at that here so it
came in at five thousand forty nine for single core and 17 thousand eight
hundred and forty-one for multi-core if we compare that to something as simple
as the iPhone 10’s max you’ll see eleven thousand four hundred ninety-two
and forty eight oh eight so pretty good scores that’s just compared to the a 12
so the a 12x adds that much more power and it’s incredibly fast there is
nothing that will ever slow down now of course scrolling is going to be super
smooth it has a pro motion display at 120 Hz and this is managed by iOS so
depending on the app you’re in it’s still going to be smooth depending what
you’re doing the speed is incredible it just doesn’t slow down there’s
nothing I could throw at it that would even make it heat up so I went into luma
whew I messed around with this a little bit
and this is allows you to edit video so I’m working on a new monitor video
that’ll be out in a little bit but if we go and export this maybe we want to
share the movie and we want to share it too let’s just go to the rendered movies
folder you can adjust all of your different settings here and then it’s
exporting and you’ll see it’s a minute and 55 seconds and it’s exporting faster
than frame a second it looks like it looks like it’s going to finish in a
couple minutes which is really good for 4k video and while it’s doing this it
doesn’t heat up at all in fact the processor is right here in the middle it
doesn’t even get warm when I was doing this so we’re exporting 4k video which
will on a Mac Mini one of the new Mac minis or my macbook pro will spin the
fans up while it’s doing it this isn’t even getting hot even warm to the touch
it just doesn’t feel any different which is pretty incredible considering what
it’s doing right now so there’s that and then also the speakers on this are
really incredible so let’s go into one of my youtube videos and you’ll see
here’s one recent we’ll just play this and let me move the microphone here so
you can hear this and it really sounds great so in playing video everything’s great
and in fact the speakers sit right about here and they take up a lot of space
actually but they sit right here and the way they’ve got them configured it
sounds like the sound is coming right at you from the display it doesn’t sound
like it’s off to the left or right it’s right directly at you and that’s the
incredible part it just sounds so good and it’s always in stereo no matter how
you’re holding it they’ve done a great job their audio engineers they actually
have a woofer and a tweeter in it for sound and they just sound amazing for
such a little device now that does take up space that occupies where the battery
could go and they could have put a larger battery but they decided to do
the speakers instead but I think as long as it hits that 10 hour mark I think
they’re happy at this point now charging speed due to that battery is about three
to four hours with the included 18 watt adapter so USB seen a USBC
and the adapter works well but I think you can get a little bit more speed out
of a Macbook adapter if you really were in a pinch I would use this normally and
just charge it overnight but if you need to really get going you could use a
Macbook adapter if you have one so as far as this goes using it it’s great but
without pro apps this makes it a little bit difficult no we do have Pro apps for
the pencil and this is a hundred and thirty nine dollar accessory and it
works really well it’s incredibly responsive but let’s take a look at
notes and I’ll show you what I mean so we’re in notes and the pencils very
responsive it’s on pencil right now and you’ll see I can shade just by doing
this if I push a little bit harder the shades even more and that’s the great
thing this is probably the best artists pencil out there for a tablet so we can
just say hi say Zolo tech and you can go as fast as you want and it just keeps up
and you can go right to the edge so we’ll change it to green I guess we’ll
go right to the edge here you can’t be throwing a little yellow you can go to
the top that’s the top of the note there and the bottom of the note here but
right to the edge you can go right to that very edge and it does a great job
so you’ve got the whole display to use there’s
Lag its tilt and pressure-sensitive and then when you want to charge it it just
adheres magnetically and then drops down and says it’s charging it works really
well it’s a great solution and it feels much better than the previous pencil now
using it with the keyboard cover is great also but this is a two hundred
dollar accessory and this is a little tricky to pick this up time to time
because it’s so flat but this is a two hundred dollar accessory that’s a
keyboard cover and it’s nice that it protects it but it feels a little bit
less apple-like and what I mean by that is if you want to use it open it’s fine
so you use it open it’s sturdy and sometimes this slips and it feels like
it’s gonna slam down but it has two angles very vertical and about a 45
degree angle or so but then if you want to flip it around it’s got the keyboard
on the back this is very much like a surface and not so much like an Apple
product but due to its size it’s more manageable so if I compare it to
something like the older iPad you’ll see here this is much more manageable as far
as size so it’s really good that way and I think for a lot of people this is
going to be a better size just because it’s more manageable it’s more portable
and it just looks really nice and you can use it in any orientation you’d like
now using this keyboard is really nice as well it’s basically the same as
before but the keys have a little bit more travel than say the MacBook and it
works well command space will bring you all the same shortcuts that you get on a
MacBook and command C command V for copy paste command a for select all you can
use it just like a MacBook and that part’s really really nice now one thing
though where this is lacking the most really is the USB-C port in the
operating system itself and what I mean by that is we have looma fusion but we
don’t have anything like Final Cut Pro we have procreate for it for drawing but
we have iMovie for video and if this is going to be a $2000 Pro editing device
it needs to have Pro apps and I’m really hoping Apple announces Final Cut Pro for
iPad and we have some more changes maybe with
13 and what I mean by that is a different operating system may be a
dedicated iPad operating system and the reason I say that is we’ve got this USB-C port but you can’t plug anything into it as far as storage so let me show you
so here is a samsung t5 Drive and this is what I use to edit video off of its
my scratch disk and I have a Thunderbolt cable plugged into it but it will its
backward compatible with USB C and if you plug it in the iPad doesn’t
recognize it it doesn’t understand what storage is and it says contents not
available cannot read the connected storage media you need a special app
dedicated to this the files app doesn’t understand external storage so this
won’t work with it now you can plug in external memory card readers such as
this Apple accessory that’s $40 for this but you can plug in memory cards just
plug them in through here but everything opens up in photos and then you import
it there and then you have to import it to another app so this really needs a
revamp if this is going to be a pro editing machine or pro anything quite
honestly right now it’s a great device and you can do things like split screen
and things like that but it really doesn’t get the job done when you want
to do things like create a video edit it export it and then maybe upload it to
youtube and have a full web browser Chrome or whatever will work but still
it’s just not a hundred percent there so I would really like to see a dedicated
iPad OS now you can use an external display but this creates a little bit of
a problem when you plug this in it just mirrors the display so let me show you
first what you need is USB C to HDMI you cannot use Thunderbolt if you plug in
Thunderbolt it doesn’t understand thunderbolt and will tell you that but
if you plug this into the bottom of the iPad and plug it into a display it will
mirror it now you’ll see here’s the iPad if I plug in the bottom plugged in there
give it a moment on the display and it mirrors the display so if I swipe you’ll
see it’s just a mirror of what I’m doing you can’t adjust the resolution and this
is a 5k display and it’s just down scaling to make it fit so that’s just
about everything about the iPad pro it’s a great device but right now it’s
limited by its operating systems if you don’t have an iPad Pro you’ll be
very happy with this iPad and I’m really hoping they bring this design to iPhones
next year we’ll see though but I’m really happy with this iPad but I think
it’s overpriced and it’s missing a headphone jack and those pro abilities
and apps that I’m really hoping come to this device one day so hopefully they’ll
show up one of these days and we’ll get rid of this goofy icon grid for a pro
device so of course you can play fortnight to but I don’t know that you
should waste your time with that since this costs what a decent gaming PC would
cost so if you really want to play fortnight at full resolution get
yourself a gaming PC and forget all this because while the frame rates are
incredible on it it doesn’t lag at all I don’t know that this is the best way to
do this you really should consider a gaming PC if this is what you’re really
aiming towards and I’m terrible at this game and let me know what you think
about it though but that’s pretty much it it’s not something that I would use
this for normally this is more of a productivity and creativity device for
me let me know what you think about the new iPads in the comments below if
you’re going to pick one of these up or maybe you’ve already picked one of these
up I’d love to hear which one you’ve picked up what you like maybe like the
smaller size let me know in the comments below if you haven’t subscribed already
please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching I’ll see you next

100 thoughts on “2018 iPad Pro Review – Pro Just Got Better

  1. Hi Aaron! Thank you for doing this review and after listening to what you have to say… not sure if I would get an iPad personal preference may want to upgrade to the MacBook Pro..

  2. Other than a new form factor, it’s no better than the outgoing pro 10.5”. If they don’t do video rendering etc, nobody will notice any speed increases. I can’t believe people are touting this thing as being a god. Lol. Same screen, same resolution, same ProMotion 120hz display etc. other than the shape and lack of Touch ID, it’s the same as last years iPad. Pump the brakes there skipster.

  3. I just received my 12.9 64GB Wi-Fi only iPad Pro. In other previous normal circumstances for me, I would have liked to have gotten one with more internal storage. I'm kind of "app crazy," so even when my iPad Pro was setting up from my 2016 iPad Pro 9.7 256GB backup…..I had to start offloading apps. The lowest GB Apple device I've ever owned and still use every day, is 128GB.
    Cellular isn't important to me. Also, because the high price just for the base model is just way too crazy-expensive!
    I did order he new Apple pencil. It's still on the way. I very begrudgingly bought a smart folio case from Apple because as least right now, I had to find a way to protect this beautiful but quite large iPad Pro!
    I REALLY am upset at the loss of the headphone jack. I don't know WHY for a PRO DEVICE….that Apple would remove one of the most important jacks/ports! I did buy the $9 USB-C to 3.5mm heafphone dongle.
    It just arrived so I've yet to know if it's worth it or if was stupid for me to buy…to use my professional for my Bowers and Wilkins P7 over-ear wired headphones, and my new Senheisser over ear closed back Pro headphones,, (sorry I can't rattle off the model number.)
    Yes, I have Beats Solo3 Bluetooth headphones, and I have AirPods.
    It's just so frustrating to have to make so many concessions to have the ability to work with for me to use the tablet from work to play.
    I'm hop that closer to the new year and after third party companies can make this iPad feel more protected. I still haven't found a tempered glass screen protector from the company I've used for years: Zagg,con. I buy them for every device I have ever owned. The fact that the replacement policy is so awesome and that it protects so well these giant lovely screens down to my smaller iPhone X. It makes me nervous to not have this tablet as protected as I need it to be.
    Sorry for such a long comment, Aaron, but I just love your channel and did want to tell you what my experience with the new iPad Pro 12.9 " is for me. It's beautiful, the audio and speakers are outstanding, watching movies or YouTube videos are just wonderful! Music is outstanding on the speakers on this iPad Pro….better than I thought they'd be!
    Thank you so much for your detailed reviews with your feelings and your own opinions. I don't like the tech reviews here on YouTube who say nothing except that the iPad Pro is 100% perfect with no flaws. You are honest, and that's what sets your channel apart from a slew of other tech YouTubers I subscribe to.
    Thanks again!
    ~Catherine from NY 🐱🍎💜👍🏻

  4. Meh, in my opinion the iOS is holding this back the software isn’t up to speed with the hardware on this device, it really isn’t being used, have to rebuy all of my accessories again?. Not worth the upgrade for me. I’ll stick with my iPad pro 12.9 generation 2.

  5. I picked up the 12.9" wifi/cellular 256gb version. It's a great iPad, the best tablet ever made. However, I hate that the old pencil and type cover aren't compatible. $200 for a new keyboard and $130 for the pencil is the cost of an entry level iPad. It's a great device but way too expensive.

  6. Nice review. Got the 11in, and brought it back. Screen for this price should be Oled, maybe next year, no native pro app, like Photoshop or FinalCut Pro(common Apple). the external drive is also an issue. On the + side, extremely fast, beautiful design, light, 600 nits, sound…

  7. Great review and greatly appreciate the fact there were ZERO commercials included as where most other reviews have a ridiculous amount of commercials

  8. Thank you, great review. With the retinal scanner do u know if it matters weather u have your glasses on or off. Thanks.

  9. I want to use iPad Pro and 2018 Mac mini together but run Mac mini as a headless Mac until I need it, then connect the iPad Pro to it either wirelessly or through the port to get Mac desktop displayed on iPad. Maybe a video of this working together, that would be great.

  10. Still doesn't make sense without external HDD support. They don't put it in so you pay the 600$ extra to get the 1TB version, haha…

  11. I had the gold 10.5” iPad Pro 64gb but I wanted a bigger screen so I got the new 12.9” Pro space grey 64gb $950 with education pricing. Don’t need more storage bc I’m not using it as a computer. A really good tablet is good enough to be my daily all around media device

  12. 11:08 Lol! iOS at its best! The only problem with the iPad is iOS! Glad this update was focused on bug fixes.. imagine if it wasn’t…

  13. Everyone is talking about replacing your laptop, I hope it can otherwise my last several years have been lost on my air 2. Remember when the debate was: can a laptop really replace a desk top? :}. Let’s be honest our phones have replaced our laptops, we just use laptops because we want a bigger screen. :}

  14. Hello! I am considering purchasing the 12.9 inch iPad Pro but not sure what storage option would be worth it, the extra 2 gigs of ram sounds nice but I personally will never use over 25 gigabytes of storage. Any suggestions?

  15. Guy's i need your advises. I need a portable device for my work. I'm a marketeer and I'll need probably to do some graphics design in the future (I have to learn it first).
    However, I work currently 65 % of my time with my desktop computer.. So the question is : Should I get a Macbook pro 13 for 1700$ or a Ipad pro with keyboard and maybe learn the graphism on it ( Affinity designer, photoshop,..)

    Thx a lot

  16. Your 12.9 inch iPad Pro 3rd gen has the Liquid Retina display so there are still blacks bars until everything is updated. Since the 11 inch third gen also has a different aspect ratio, the black bars are even bigger. I did end up returning mine.

  17. Ipad pros should get their own version of OS like padOS. Still the same as iOS but with necessary macos capabilities. Sucks that apple is limiting its capabilities that the A12 bionic chip can handle.

  18. Your videos are increasing in quality a lot! Okay, I picked the 11” base model and love it. Use it for university work mostly.

  19. I got to admit I bought it too and I was gonna return it but I kept it because I’m giving it a chance and it’s apples most badass product in a long time. I hate that we don’t have Mac OS but I mean everyone says it so hey I mean that’s the only thing that needs to happen.

  20. I have the 11 inch one. Does it give you dizziness, nausea, headache or eye strain? Or this one does not have OLED, anymore? I have pretty strong eye straining and nausea after using my iPad Pro 11 inch…

  21. I have the iPad Pro 12.9 great for watching movies but too big to carry I must got the iPad Pro 11 and I much more happy

  22. You guys keep complaining about the fact that the os is limited but you know they have a few Macs that are the same price or less if your looking for a laptop experience I think the point of this iPad is to give you a mobile experience obviously if you are a professional you will already have a laptop/desktop this is more of something easy to carry around and maybe edit a few projects you guys want this thing to be on par with the iMac Pro😂😂😂

  23. I’ve got IPad Pro 11 inches. I use it mostly at school for typing in Word. It’s been a week, so far I’m happy with it.

  24. Man, I need this for watching your YouTube videos. You probably should send me one so I can support your channel.

    On a serious note though, it’s a great device. I might buy it if they improve the OS

  25. One thing I can tell you is that I don't think a dedicated iPad OS is ever gonna be developed. iOS is the future of computer operating systems, and I think it would too much of a change to the iPad, so what Apple would most likely do instead is continue to expand iOS, and introduce more pro oriented features, such as being able to open external drives in the Files app, introduce Apple's Pro apps for iPad, etc. That may or may not be coming to iOS 13, but who knows, we'll just have to wait and see.

  26. This gangsta intro is default now on Tech reviews, I guess (I mean it’s great, I like it).
    Still deciding between 11 or 12.9”….

  27. Just bought the 11, just realized that there's no headphone jack which is not good. But I like the improvements (wife is going to get my 2yr old pro)

  28. Well I finally pulled the plug and bought my iPad Pro 11 inch while watching this review. It's definitely time to replace my iPad mini. That I had since it came out in in 2012. It's starting to slow down now.

  29. i never really cared about any apple product, but this 12,9 ipad pro 3rd gen is the exception. I was looking for a display tablet to draw and digital painting and this thing came across in the search. It seems that this Ipad has zero parallax when even the wacom cintiqs, which are the top products specifically designed for drawing at pro levels, has some. This thing is the closest thing to "perfection" in the technology for artists realm. I may have to sell my electronic drums to get this thing.

  30. hi, I just got a ipad pro 11" it has been updating iCloud settings for about 7 hours, I have not been able to use it, any idea how I can get around this? it's a bummer that I can't use it

  31. Got the 12.9, 1TB cellular version. Satisfied but became paranoid of the device getting damaged, though so far i am taking a good care of it. Yes, i think it is too expensive, but i got no other choice since my ipad air 2’s battery was getting worse – and yes i got a bad habit of going with creme de la creme. Regret first then relieved. Was proven when i purchased 128gb air 2. I was really regretting my choice, but then some years later I felt relieved that I purchased the highest specs. Never thought that now I only have 10GB remaining on that air 2.

  32. Just got my IPad 3rd gen spot on thank you for making my mind up about getting one keep the good videos up JJ across the pond London uk 👊🏽 !!!

  33. Its not like a surface keyboard because for a surface keyboard you can take it off and change it so that the keyboard is flat against the back of the iPad so you don't have to feel the keys/buttons. Microsoft's keyboard is superior to Apple's keyboard in that aspect of usability.

  34. Not in the least interesting to purchase for that price class-tag. With that money I’ll get myself a super gaming pc, a decent gaming laptop and modern smartphone – smart watch combo.. so what’s the point of this ?!

  35. If you all want to give your biometry data’s by putting them in a new national infos center for a socialist/fascist hybrid beast like the beta project currently in China and India through technology – the only way to do the synthesis of Fichte- by all mean go ahead with Face ID … You already gave the fingerprint with Touch ID …Now, pls go to Ancestry or any of these ADN tracker … They will have everything to clone you for transhumanism, and posthumanism in less than 10 years. Think people. Think. No jealousy here as I have the iPad Pro 12,9 2018 512 GB but just a reminder that you are giving some infos freely and freedoms that 40 years ago, you would have fought for. Just saying !

  36. Meet my new computer with no mouse support, no file system, no External SSD/Hard disk/ Flash drive support, no audio or vidoe downloads, no desktop apps, a big iPhone.

  37. Can you really have ear pods on for 10 hours straight?! I can’t have heads phones for more than one hour specially with wires I hate that.

  38. Seems that's the general consensus with the iPad Pro – the OS holding it back from it's true potential. Really hope iOS13 improves on this.

  39. Great review! I opted for the 256 11inch model to replace my 9.7 inch. I love it and use if more than I do my iMac. I have also enjoyed using luma fusion. It very similar to FCP. Hopefully apple revamps the IOS for 13.

  40. Not until it can truly replace a laptop and, a high powered one at that, will I swap to iPad. Can't afford loads of devices. Haven't room for loads of devices. Want a true all-in-one device. Just the one.

  41. I can’t decide between the 11in Pro or the more budget friendly iPad 6th Gen. I like how the Pro can do a lot, but seeing the regular iPad up close, just seems to be minor differences.

  42. Zollotech, I just purchased a 11 inch yesterday. Hands down best ipad yet. Very happy with the unit. I held off on getting the Apple Pencil as I haven't a genuine need for it. Too expensive for as a stylus.

  43. Loving my 11” Pro; only have had it one week. Went with the smaller model for better portability and ‘couchability’. It makes my Surface Pro 6 feel like a legacy device! I recently had 3 hours of screen on time while only using 25% of battery life on the 11”. Using the keyboard cover which is also nice, but agree with Aaron that it’s not very Apple-like. In my opinion iOS apps and iPad-like devices are where Apple is heading, and rightly so for most users like myself. Great content Aaron, thank you!

  44. Thanks for the review
    I have the 12.9 + apple case with keyboard Then I got the case without the keyboard
    But after I get the Zugu case I was very sad from the normal apple case without the keyboard it’s useless now!

  45. we do mobile service any ipad users might be able to help, our company just got a slew of Iphone 10's were currently still using windows based lap tops. I own and normal Ipad 9.7" when i set up the iphone 10 my ipad is now is just like my iphone, the service orders are PDF forms started on the phone are finished on a lap top, as a test we used the ipad beside the Lap tops ( a lenovo Yoga), transferring the data over to the laptop from the phones takes a ton a time but in the ipad it's just already there no struggle at all. we added a rugged case to the ipad and it seems to out task the yoga for our work even in the rain were a yoga just cant go. (emails , speadsheets, very light video editing of storm damage and some 3D rendering) my question is were shopping for ipads and considering ditching the yogas, which i pad is best for us? any answers are appreciated.

  46. Please do a video of the iPad Pro 12.9 that emphasizes slide over because I don’t get it the benefit. So maybe do a real world video because I don’t get it

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