$108 Futuristic Windows Tablet? – I Spent $200 on Amazon Tech

$108 Futuristic Windows Tablet? – I Spent $200 on Amazon Tech

100 thoughts on “$108 Futuristic Windows Tablet? – I Spent $200 on Amazon Tech

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  4. I really want a pair and it’s going to take months to get my first pair and u have like so many and i have to save for like half a year. Not cool bro

  5. Woah this dude is still doing videos dang I remember when I was subbed to him when he only had like 100k now he's at 2M like damn that's what's up but he's definitely a lot more flamboyant than I remember lol

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  7. Could i use a usb c on the airpod apple watch phone dock? Bks i have a samsung and bought a padear x3 mini witch has a lightning port and need a dock

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