๐Ÿ”ดSPEED UP ANDROID BOX / Android TV / Nvidia Shield guide. (Faster & Cooler) 2019

๐Ÿ”ดSPEED UP ANDROID BOX / Android TV / Nvidia Shield guide. (Faster & Cooler) 2019

hey tech doctor it’s the year 2019 what
are the best things I can do to optimize my Android streaming box well in this
video today let me show you some cool things you can do on your Android box to
not only give you the best possible performance but also give you the best
possible experience or with all of that being said let’s get started now before
we start let me just give a quick shout out to mark he was the first person to
answer the question right for my last video so do you keep an eye out for a
question in this video and if you’re the first one to get right you get a shout
out in my next video so I’m doing my demonstration on the t95 Q Android
streaming box but you can follow these steps on any other Android device
including official Android TV devices like the Nvidia shield or the Xiaomi me
box okay so the first thing we’re going to do to optimize our device is to
remove unused applications now if you like me you was installing applications
you’ll lose testing our applications and over time you end up having a large
library of applications that you’re not necessarily using all the time now the
issue with this is lots of these applications do end up running in the
background some of them have built-in notifications like for example certain
streaming applications will give you a notification to tell you that there’s a
new episode or a new a TV show out for example so all these things are actually
consuming resources on your device so the more things you can remove the
better will be now typically you can just go to your apps in your settings
and remove applications one by one but as you know on the TD UK channel we like
to do things a little bit differently and a little bit more especially so for
that i’m mocchi going to use an application called an app which is a
great application which will basically allow you to uninstall lots of
applications at the same time so let’s start that up now here we can see here I
do have a ton of applications installed on my device now as previously mentioned
instead of me going into the normal settings and then into apps then setting
these applications one by one I can now just choose any of these applications so
for example I’m not using one or using any more let’s go using this game
anymore let’s click on that let’s say I’m not using this benchmark app anymore
let’s click on that let’s scroll down and let’s say I’m not
using this a VPN over here so let’s click on that so I’ve now selected three
applications in total how can now click on uninstall here so do you want to
uninstall three applications let’s click on uninstall click on ok that’s the
first one going click on OK second one go on and here’s the last one so from a
central interface you can now uninstall all of this applications that you’re not
using anymore giving you back a valuable system resources and also disk space ok
so now that we’ve removed some applications that we’re not going to use
anymore and we’ve got some storage bag the next step is actually two tips in
one and that’s basically we’re going to remove the animations and we’re also
going to control the background processes so a quick bit of history here
so Apple devices are your iPhones and iPads those devices because the
operating system are very strict on which processes can run in the
background of course the native Apple apps can run per third-party apps really
just struggled to run in the background and over time that just get killed off
to free up memory now Android is not a straight and one of the issues with that
is over time you’ll end up having so many background processes and just so
many things in the background which of course will then end up slowing your
device so how can we control that well one of the things you can do in the
developer options you can actually control the maximum amount of processes
that will run in the background so especially if you have a device that’s
not very powerful or doesn’t have much RAM doing this fix should really help
out your device so to do that we need to enable the developer options so let’s go
to the settings let’s go down to about and if you scroll down to where it says
build and if you click her a few times one two you can see it says you’re now
three steps from being a developer so one more time two three way we are now a
developer so what this basically means is we now have some extra options on our
device that normally you can’t see now just a quick disclaimer here guys or
just a word of warning be very careful with the options you change in there
because potentially you could cause some problems with your device so unless you
know what you’re doing don’t just randomly be clicking on things let’s
back out of this and we can see we now have this hidden menu called
developer options well I say it’s hidden it’s actually there but it’s only there
once you enable it so let’s go into that now okay so as mentioned guys I want
about these settings unless you know what you’re doing but the first thing
we’re going to do to optimize our device in here is we’re going to change our
animation skills so we can see here that the window animation scale is set to 1
times now if you like your animations if you like the smooth transitions then you
can leave these but if you’re after maximum performance which I always am
I’ll click on this and I select off okay so we’ve turned the window animation
scale off now the transition animation scale normally on some devices may also
be set to 1 times 1 and a half times but again set this off and then loss you’ve
got the animated duration skills so how long do you want the particular
animation to lost and again for maximum performance I would turn this off and we
can you see here now when I click on this you can see just loads instantly
whereas before if I just do 10 times just to show you can you see sorry it’s
now 10 times the normal time so just to show you the impact of what this
animation or animated scale does so let’s click on again we can see it
slowly opens and before you set to 1 times as we can see it’s fairly smooth
but once smooth I want maximum performance so I’m going to select
animation off ok so we’ve now turned these 3 things all off so I definitely
advise if you are looking for maximum performance turn these three things off
now in the same menu here guys as previously mentioned we can also look at
the background processes we can see here the standard limit is what the default
option is but if I click on this we can see here that I can say for example I
will allow four processes at the most Juran so for example I may allow my VPN
to run in the background maybe a browser application maybe a streaming app and
maybe one other thing now for another application to launch is going to
terminate one of the original ones so at the very most you’d only have four
processes running so again if your device is not very powerful or you are
limited in your RAM doing this will really help out your device so let’s set
this to 4 okay so we’ve now set the background process limit of 4 and we’ve
turned off all animation skills so let’s go back to the home screen and we can
see now guys for example just going into here and clicking into things it already
feels a lot snappier I was going to this see just flies in there going into
that it just loads a lot quicker so we can see a benefit of that straightaway
now the next thing we can do is actually we can install a custom launcher now one
of the benefits of this is is obviously if you’re not happy with the default
launcher you can change the look but also you have the benefit of some
enhancements so certainty for launches make you limitations like you may not
have a navigation bar you may not have a search bar or certain elements may be
missing from the home screen so if you do install a custom launcher you can
overcome some of those limitations so in this demonstration I’m going to install
the TV launcher so let’s open that up and here we are guys we now have a new
launcher which has a very nice-looking background we can see like an animated
stuff you’ll think that if you’re into that kind of stuff we have many options
at the top so you’ve got your favourites you’ve got media you got your games and
you got your utilities so and customizing this is actually very very
easy so let’s say for example in favorites I would like to add a new
favorite so let’s click on the plus icon and let’s say for example on to add in a
new application so let’s click on that now and the application I’m going to add
for this is this game over here let’s also add in MX player and lasse just add
in the Play Store let’s press the back button and we can see we have now
instant access to this for application so it really is very very easy to
customize if I just take you to the hamburger menu just to show you some
options okay so for example you’ve got your manager section so let’s say for
example I don’t want to have ma let’s say I want to add in a new menu so let’s
click on create a section and I can call this TV stuff Cal let’s click on save
you can change the icon here you can change the color position 5 now let’s
put it as position 2 okay let’s back out that back again back again and we can
see now we have a new section for TV stuff so let’s add in a quick shortcut
or a quick application and let’s just add in B TV and also yes player let’s
back out of that and we can see we now have two shortcuts in the new custom
menu that we’ve just created let’s go back into the menu I mean guys there
really is just so much cost magicians you can do and in fact I was
actually thinking about doing a separate video just on different Android TV or
different Android box launches so if you’re interested in that kind of stuff
then do leave me a comment below and let me know you do want to see a video like
that let’s go into the theme hey you can choose if you want to have a dog or a
light theme let’s go for light for now now the grid columns so that’s smaller
the number the larger the tiles will be so let’s say we’ll go down to three
columns let’s leave that as is let’s back out of this and actually let’s
check what that looks like this back out of this again and we can see now the
tires look a lot larger so depending on how big you want the tall’s or how many
tiles you want on one screen you can adjust this number
I personally prefer to have smaller tiles so let’s go back into a theme and
let’s put this up too I just put this up to 6 which is the highest that section
icons means if you don’t want to have at the top where it says you know movie TV
games you can turn this to on let’s back out of this and we can see at the top
here we now have icons for those particular menu options so that again
that’s totally up to you you can change the navigation bar settings now by
default there is no wallpaper which I’ve actually put on so if you want to change
that lets click on change wallpaper and let’s just choose this one here let’s go
for these clouds let’s go for that click on set wallpaper let’s back out of this
now we can see guys with one click we have now customized our home screen and
we have lots of different applications which all have easy shortcuts for us to
get to now before we get to the next tip let me just ask you guys a super quick
question and unfortunately if you’re not a Marvel fan you may have difficulties
getting this but the question is it’s very easy for you guys that do know is
how many Infinity stones are there and the first person to answer that question
correctly how many Infinity stones are there you
get a shout-out in my next video ok so next up we have ventilation so as with
pretty much all devices once you start getting too hot it can cause problems so
but for example on a fire stake when it does get to a certain temperature the
device are she restarts and on Android box is having the device running too hot
for a long time you will also get crashes maybe your device will regularly
restore and this could also affect the lifespan of your device so we definitely
want to keep our device running as cool as possible so a small quick hack we can
do is we can buy a small USB fan from Amazon from eBay literally for like 5 or
$10 place is underneath your device and this will keep your device running cool
most under boxes at least have one or two USB ports so you can actually plug
it in it doesn’t need any extra power and this will allow your device to keep
cool while you’re using it and that’s all for this video guys many thanks for
watching and many thanks for Saints all the end if he did find this video useful
then do give it a thumbs up if you want to see more stuff like this then do
subscribe hit the notification bell I will be doing the live draw for the mods
giveaway so do stay tuned for that leave me a comment below and I’ll hopefully
catch up with you guys real soon thanks

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