hey guys welcome back so as you can
imagine I really do go through a lot of applications I’m always installing stuff
I’m always testing stuff I’m always looking out for the next big thing well
in this video today I’m gonna share what I think to be a real game changer in
apks now with the single apk you have pretty much access to the entire
internet to find pretty much any kind of content you could possibly want so what
are you looking for certain apk is are you looking for certain videos or
certain music pretty much anything you can find on the internet you can access
all of it through the single apk so let me show you exactly how it works then
I’ll give you the exact steps you need to follow to install it so it all of
that being said let’s get started now before we start let me give a quick
shout out to Bernard and Tomoya both on what the first ones to answer a question
right from my last video so do keep an eye out for a question in this video and
if you don’t want to answer it first you’ll get a shout out in my next video
so I’m doing my demonstration on my meikle Pro box which is currently
running the official Android TV operating system but you can follow
these steps on any Android device including your 4k for stakes including
your fire TV cube even your Android cell phones or Android tablets can offer
these exact same steps and get access to the exact same content so when you start
the application this is what you’ll see now just a bit of background regarding
this application on the internet you may find what’s known as open directory so
they’re called open directories because as the name implies these territories
have no password or no security to access the content and as you can
imagine the content varies from in a books to images to music to videos to
Android apks so pretty much anything you could want to share you could now find
on these open directories now what the application for chef does it allows us
to search these open directories and finest the exact content that we want
now normally you can open up a browser which I just demonstrate now and
actually go to google.com and type in certain commands and actually get the
same results which means now google.com the actual command we’re looking for is
just file type then you do a colon now here I’m going to type in PDF which is
the portable document format or the PDF file extension so now for example I’m
looking for any file that has the PDF extension which has news in the title so
let’s try searching for that now so this will do is this will now basically
search all of Google comm and it will find any document that has the PDF file
extension and also has news in the title and we can see here we have over 259
million results guys and each of these links will all be PDFs so you can
imagine now if we’re not searching for PDFs we can also be searching for mp3 or
mp4 Zoar avi files lots of different content guys now obviously typing in
commands can be quite cumbersome and especially if you’re looking for open
territories only now this is exactly the application for chef comes in so if
I just open that up now and this is the application hey guys so this will
basically allow us to search all of Google looking for the serpent or trees
and allow us to find any content that we want and we can break the content down
into videos music audio images gives books and dogs software and games and
finally Android app so let’s just do a quick test with Android apps let’s click
on that now let’s go back up to the search and now let’s say for example
we’re looking for let’s say we’re looking for a media player so something
like yes player or MX player let’s try out the MX player let’s type that in
okay so I’ll type in MX player I’m now going to click on search let’s now click
on search and let’s open up in puffin TV browser lets us do always okay now at
the top here we can actually see the command so we can see that we’re looking
for something called MX player it has to be the fault type APK and we can see the
rest of the search string which means it is looking for open directories now if I
just try one of these let’s go for this one here so of course because it’s an
open directory I’m not gonna get any kind of prompts for passwords and
everything you see guys lots of apks here all matching that name and let’s
get back again let’s just go further down let’s just try another one over
here and let’s do this one and we can see guys just lots and lots of apks
which much that search string and here we can just see down here this is MX
players so if I just click on that now for example this will now instantly
start downloading a APK directly onto my device and that’s basically how you can
find any APK online and download that directly onto your android device
okay let’s try videos let’s click on that now now let’s say for example we’re
searching for a certain movie or TV show trader I mean obviously we’re going to
be looking at trailers here but again of course it’s totally up to you what you
search for but let’s say for example I’m looking for 4k trailers because because
we’re interested in 4k content everyone to see the latest 4k trailer so let’s
type 4k in and let’s now click on search so this should now go off to Google and
any open territories which have the word for K and are actually video files so
let’s try one of these let’s just try this one over here and here we can you
see guys literally just pages and pages full of 4k trailers so lots and lots of
stuff in here guys and we can just click on any of these and start streaming them
directly onto our device so so let’s say for example one of these trailers let’s
click on this thing here where it says trailer let’s try it Ghostbusters
trailer so if I click on this now then the beauty is because it’s an mp4 file I
don’t know she need to download this to my device at all as soon as I click on
that this will actually start streaming that directly inside my browser so let’s
see if that works and there we have because we are now
streaming this content directly onto our device with no downloading whatsoever
let’s back out of that you can see guys there literally is just a ton of content
and really as I say the Internet is your oyster anything you could possibly
search for you can now use the different categories in fall chef and find exactly
what you want and access our all on your device without any kind of downloading
whatsoever so our really losing is a fantastic apk so let me show you how you
can now install this on all your devices ok so to get the latest version of this
apk on your Android TV box or your Android box I recommend using a browser
called puffin TV now if you’re doing this on a fire stick use the application
download are now if we just start the application up so because I’m gonna
under TV box I’m just gonna use the browser but if you are on a fire stick
you start your download application and then we navigate to this URL which is
HTTP colon forward slash forward slash bit Derrell why for /td UK that’s me and
the numbers 2019 let’s type that in and let’s go to that no no first accusing
the janitor application you get to see a hamburger menu you won’t see these
things here to click on now if you can’t click on the hamburger menu that means
you have javascript disabled so ensure you’ve enabled JavaScript and refresh
the page then click on the hamburger menu and select the link for downloads
let’s scroll down now in a fire stick I recommend downloading of four things
which is set orientation this will allow your application or she display properly
so if you do have some apks which are a bit stretched out or they’re not
formatted properly you need to download set orientation and set that to
landscape that’s the first thing to download next thing you on a download is
mouse toggle if you haven’t got that already because file chef will need a
mouse toggle for you to operate let’s scroll further down and here is the
actual apk guys which is for chef version 1.7 and I also recommend you
downloading MX pair because that will give you the best possible performance
when accessing network streams so any of those links that you want to use the
link to the streaming video file or wherever the file is you can copy that
link and pay into MX player and out I do find
generally gives you the best possible playback formats when accessing online
streams but for now let’s click on file chef and let’s now use the green
download buttons let’s click on that now I mean it’s actually a very small fob
because ultimately is just passing queries onto Google so it is very small
but I also think it’s very very powerful okay once we clicked on the green
download button let’s press the context key on the remote which is the one with
the three lines and let’s go back to the start page now we can see we have a
section for downloads and inside downloads we can see we have four chefs
let’s now click on that and let’s click on install now because these
applications are not generally designed for Android TV even though we’ve
installed this when I press the home can remote you notice the icon for that does
not appear on the home screen now one way to get around that is to install
this application called sorry launcher so this is available on the standard
Google Play Store you can download and install that’s when you do open er up
this will show you all of your applications that you can now easily
access with the standard remote control so Allister profile chef and that’s the
application all working fine and that’s all for this video guys many thanks for
watching if you did find this video useful then do give it a thumbs up if
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notification bell now the February competition which was for the Xiaomi me
box and the a 95 X has actually now drawn to a close so we’ll be picking a
winner in the next few days so definitely stay tuned for there and as
it’s now at the month of March I will be setting up a brand new competition which
will probably be for the t95 xtreme in box and maybe in other box with it so
once again do leave me a comment below let me know we think about this apk and
I’ll hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks thanks again for
watching guys oh and if you’re interested in a VPN if you click on that
link on the bottom left you’ll get a great 46 percent discount if you are
worried about your privacy and you want to stay safe online I do recommend you
check out VPN thanks again guys see you on the next one


  1. I remember messing with index of searches years ago as some advanced googling tricks but it never lasts as a reliable and good way of searching because the internet is far from safe. I remember accidentally finding a lot of nasty things when searching as there are both a ton of viruses and some files and sources you will find are honeypot traps that want you to find them thinking you've struck gold but really you've just got infected.

    This video is a bad idea and a great way to find lots of viruses when you are dumb enough to start installing, clicking on and opening random files from random sources.

    Shame on you, you should be smarter than this. The average user is not smart enough not to get in trouble with this kind of knowledge. Sure once upon a time I found a lot of great music using these tricks but one should NEVER use tricks like these to find and install applications.

    EDIT: speaking of honeypots even if you find some good content you never know what kind of technical knowledge the person on the other end has and if they are tracking your IP or are going to use your IP address when connecting to them in ways that you don't want them to. if you were going to mess around with advanced searching tricks to sort through everything on the internet then you better be prepared to be the victim of some unwanted activity when you go visit in random places with random files that are out there. If an experienced user comes across a place online they are not wanted then life can get really interesting really fast.

  2. Literally just pages and pages of umm 4k trailers…and then pop the emoji haha. I had a good laugh for that.

  3. Every time hit hamburger menu on the firestick advert covers download menu so impossible to click on, any way of stopping it thanks

  4. Been using this for around a year now but I only tend to use it as a backup to find TV and movie stuff if the APK I'm using doesn't have what I'm looking for

  5. More great content. Crackalacking TechDoctor! Thanks as always.
    P.s. Prev Jack Schitt – long time subscriber :p

  6. The problem with this you don't know if you are getting from the safe site this why I still believe file linked in and few good fellow YouTubers are the way to go.

  7. If I am using a firestick do I need to download puffin browser or can I go straight to your webpage on downloader ? Thanks in advance.

  8. Tduk, I appreciate you,
    and I wanted to ask you a question.. because I'm always trying different apks from Aptoide or APK pure. I have been looking up the Privacy policies an using these free vpns with a proxy server, some of them are awesome. I am using one now getting 166 megabytes of download speed 48 megabytes upload and all the ones with a VPN proxy are free. How come no one looks for a good VPN proxy? Because before VPN everyone use the proxy? Can you explain? I ask not in a bad way but 2 learn. why no one pushes for the free VPN an a proxy, that actually works? Atom does not work on my TV, maybe it works good in the United Kingdom, but not in the United States. I know you need to make your money, and I do not knock you for it, I just think that some are pushing it down our throats. Ipvanish is horrible and I'm being honest you know they sell the information and Nord as well..nord is the absolute worst, and ipvanish would not help me when someone hacked their 256 military encrypted grade Hardware they claim. They wouldn't even get them off of my ipvanish account. Their customer service is trash and no one offers a discount for express. I got 10 megabytes a second with supposed the world's best VPN Nord. I use a free VPN proxy and I'm over 166 mbps, and it's free, no issues. Are you saying to use a VPN because it's different where you live? in the United States it does not seem like we need one. I mean for privacy and for keeping secure, yes of course. Please plz lmk what you think of some of the free VPN proxy services? Just Google play some of them on your phone, then try them from Aptoide Store…you'll see so many pop-up that are really good with a lot of downloads, and a lot of good reviews. Tonight im trying VPN access. It's free, fast, but every 10 hours you have to reconnect. Lmk what you think of some of them cause I try them out all the time. TY MY GOOD MAN, I always appreciate your videos..

  9. I've had Filechef for a few months now and it works great for finding files going back to the 90s although many of the APKs on here are hopelessly outdated by now. I use it mainly for game ROMs.

  10. Great app Doc 😁 Installed this last night and it works brilliantly. Thanks for keeping us all up to date with these tips and tricks!!

  11. What's up Matey mate is there a way to use my own picture like a family picture as a kodi background image?

  12. Thank you for the great and easy to follow video. I have a newbie question. I’ve downloaded everything as described, but when I try to search on filechef, it says fire tv does not open browser links. What do I need to do to remedy this. Thank you for your time.

  13. I'm not getting any sound from my apps like Livenet tv, Tap Tv, HD Cinema, cotto movies, etc on my 4k fire stick. But can get sound from Amazon original movies, ESPN+ and DAZN. Any help please😢

  14. Hello tech doc…sorry to bother…and dont have your email…so i will just ask..
    Is there a malware check apk/ anti viruses apk for kodi lela 18? (5g) Im on fiestick. Thanks Christopher

    Ps and apk that will log all faults?

  15. The main reason i kodi…is i hate commercials…i pay cable providors…why am i getting commercials?..they dont get it…i know actors, writers, directors, etc.and production companies deserve to get paid for good content…not political or racial or sex identity agenda programs…thats why i kodi…in my experience kodi is the best cable choice or information providor service…what i dont understand is why the big 4 telcoms dont get this..greed? And i guarantee they know kodi is a bussines proven model…so odd..

  16. I downloaded file chief but when say i put in Apk's Search or anything and i get all the index file information to download alot of it is in Chinese and it doesn't download anything??? Please help

  17. Also after i press the file on the index a box window comes up in the middle it explains what it is and name and the rest is in Chinese and pressing it to download it doesn't do anything why is this happening other than that everything is the way you explain it on your video except for that problem, but it defeats the purpose i need help!!!

  18. Hey TD…..can you do a guide to TOR and the so called dark web as i've read only 10% or so of the internet is available to us mortals?

  19. intitle:"index.of"(type of media)
    Jesus this is kids stuff people been streaming & downloading like this since the 90s

  20. More question than comment, in video you come to a point where you say click on the 3 lines on your remote. I have a Nvidia shield remote and R8 keyboard do not have 3 lines on so what do I use?

  21. I like to know how you even started it how do you got there that’s the question you people say this but you don’t give where are you stole that?.?.?

  22. If you have premiumize.me and look up index of films you can copy and paste in to premiumize.me and down load full movies using your apple iPhone or iPad into your cloud on premiumize.me and watch on your kodi or iPhone and iPad that is how I have been getting around buffering that I was getting and it safe because your it is stored on there server I have like 200 movies in my cloud that I can watch at any time

  23. Its pretty much an apk browser that uses advanced google indexes to find content. I've been doing this for years.


  25. Anyone else having issues with this program? I can download it install it. everything works great I check what I want to look up ( which file type) and then when hit search it goes to the filechef  policy page. and there is no way to check that you agree or anything, and then I hit the back button and it goes to my keyboard input and I type in the same thing I did in filechef and hit enter and then it just goes to google as per usual. No open file search at all. Anyone know what I am doing wrong? thanks,

  26. I've watched an awful lot of these videos but none that speak plainly and are as straightforward as yours is.

    It seems eyeryone with a video wants to get you into their App Store, before giving up the information…

    I don't usually subscribe to any channel, but I have subscribed to this one.

    Thank You…

  27. I have been using FileChef since the apk became available. It is a great app. Enjoy it while it lasts. You know how that goes. Its been available since b4 2017 for sure. As always TD… You always come thru for us. Good Work TD.

  28. Hi. I can this to work on android phone but not firestick. Tried downloading and installing several times. FC opens and i do a search bit it keeps taking me back to downloader with the address for the app in google play store entered. Any ideas? Thanks

  29. Hey Doc you should check out and review this apk called CyberTV which can go on all devices android or ios but works excellent on the 4K firestick and android box. They have live tv and all included from movies, tv shows plus a 3 day free trial and you should review that app, guarantee you'll love it. go to their website and test it, would love for you to review it. https://cybertv.online I have it and love it, absolutely NO LOADING OR BUFFERING.

  30. Hi. I am new to this and I have a Firestick 4k. I did install the mouse toggle and it's working fine. But I am unable to copy or paste the links in file chef app to my mx player. The mouse just goes under the window for copy cut or select all. Thanks in advance for your help guys.

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