必學! AirPods Pro 隱藏功能!完美搭配 Apple Watch 和 iPhone

必學! AirPods Pro 隱藏功能!完美搭配 Apple Watch 和 iPhone

I can really hear the sound in the next room Hey don’t you know this hidden feature? Hello I’m Apple Daddy Before you start, please remember to like to subscribe and share. Many new viewers have recently lost to AirPods or AirPods Pro I also received many inquiries Hope i can introduce some settings and tips Come share a few hidden features of AirPods Pro today And how to use it perfectly with Apple Watch and iPhone Can make full use of it Make your life easier Is it worth the money? OK, let’s start directly 1. Adjust the sensitivity of the pressure sensor If you are operating AirPods Pro It feels like taking too long to switch the noise reduction mode This part can be adjusted First go to “Assisted Use” in Settings To the “AirPods” section. Click in to see the option to hold the duration About double-clicking to next song Press three times to return to the previous continuous pressing speed Can also be adjusted here 2. Use only one AirPods Pro to activate noise reduction mode If you only wear one AirPods Pro Under factory settings Can’t turn on noise reduction mode But if you really need Under the same setting screen You can turn on this feature 3. Change mode on Apple Watch On Apple Watch Swipe up directly into the control center Find this icon that looks like Airplay Click to see your AirPods If you have n’t linked yet, you can link here If already connected, it will jump directly to the mode selection You can choose between noise reduction or transparent You can also see the icon in the sitting corner when listening to music Click in to see the same settings. 4. Make good use of Hey Siri to complete all settings Both second-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro can call Siri directly You can also use Hey Siri directly to complete more settings No need to call out or raise your wrist Directly and softly use the following instructions to complete “Hey Siri turns on noise reduction mode” “Hey Siri turns on transparency mode” “Hey Siri Decrease Volume” “Hey Siri, how much is my battery left” “Hey Siri, where is my phone” Isn’t this much more convenient? 5. Let AirPods Pro broadcast incoming calls This setting is when you ride a bicycle Or useful for any exercise First go to settings Go to “Phone” option You will find the option to “call the caller” After clicking in, you will see four different settings I choose to only broadcast when I wear headphones You can set it according to your own needs 啰 At the moment Line calls still only broadcast the word “Line” Can’t tell you the caller yet This is a pity 6. Let AirPods broadcast newsletter This is also very practical when exercising Go to “Notifications” in Settings Find “Broadcast via Siri” and click Open the settings above and click on the “message” option You can choose who you want to broadcast. I only broadcast when it is selected in my contacts Avoid wasting time hearing a bunch of unimportant messages It ’s a pity too There is still no way to broadcast Line messages So people who really need this feature Still invite people around When there are important matters Send a text message or iMessage 7.Using AirPods to listen to other people’s conversations? First go to the “Control Center” in the settings Go to “Custom Controls” below Then go to the “Listening” option Then from any screen, pull down from the upper right corner Enter control center You can see an icon of an ear After turning on you can put your phone in another room Listen to the sound of that room with your AirPods The more positive use is to use it as a baby monitor. For example, Baby is sleeping You may have another guest or another child watching TV in the living room It’s not convenient to keep a normal baby monitor with you It is much more convenient to take AirPods to monitor at this time But just make sure your home is not too big to exceed the listening range. 8. Find the missing AirPods I often undress Like hat T Will accidentally take off the AirPods together Often one of the left and right ears So I didn’t notice it It ’s a bit troublesome to find it after a while Then you can find it through Hey Siri Or use the “Find” app on your iPhone to help you You can choose which AirPods sound It will be easier to find in the clothes pile 9. Share music to another group of AirPods If people around you also have AirPods Regardless of the generation, even AirPods Pro And any beats headset with Apple W1 or H1 You can share your message to them You can listen to music and watch videos together Go directly to the “Control Center” and press “Music” Press the “Airplay” icon again You will see the option to share audio Inside you can connect to your friend’s AirPods to share 啰 10. Check the charging status of AirPods Pro This feature is only available when wireless charging When your AirPods Pro is charging wirelessly When you put it on, the front light will be on. Will turn off after a while Then you just tap The light will turn on again If it is green, it means it is fully charged. This was when the second-generation AirPods wirelessly charged You can also look at the charging status like this 11. Reset your AirPods Some people complain about the new AirPods Pro Sometimes there is uneven left and right volume There is only one ear for landing and landing or transparent mode. As long as you feel anything abnormal with your AirPods You can try resetting before taking it back for inspection Go to “Bluetooth” in “Settings” Click the “i” button next to your AirPods Then select “Forget this device settings” You can reset your AirPods 啰 Just reconnect it later I hope the above will be a bit helpful to everyone new to AirPods Pro If you have any small features you want to share, you can also leave a comment below I’ll pin the one most liked So that everyone can see Like this video, remember to help like it Subscribe to my channel and share my videos See you next video for Apple Daddy

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  1. 謝謝蘋果爹的分享~
    補充說明第九點 (分享音訊給另一副Airpods)
    搭配的Airpods需要先有配對過手機而且手機為Iphone 8之後的機型


  2. 這是我有史以來看過最實用的介紹了🤣🤣




  3. 蘋果爹~我這兩天剛收到我的 AirPods Pro ,但是我有遇到一個問題不知道是不是每個都這樣,可以幫我試試嗎?
    只要在行駛過程中, AirPods Pro會自動變成"降噪模式"!!!!

    還有聽音樂狀態下!!用Siri 調整音量會呼大呼小一下是正常的嗎?

  4. AirPods Pro使用Siri我沒辦法輕聲的講話,我覺得AirPods Pro收音方面有點差..都要很大聲他才會回應我

  5. 可以透過Siri 說「關閉通透模式」 切換到中間的關閉狀態。(雖然不太會用到這個狀態😂)

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