НОВИНКА!ТВ приставка X88 King Amlogic S922X TV box Android 9

НОВИНКА!ТВ приставка X88 King Amlogic S922X TV box Android 9

New X88 King Android9.0 Amlogic Hexa-core s922x 4GB 128GB Dual WIFI 4K HD BT5.0 IPTV receiver best ott android tv box VS X88 pro One of the most striking new products of recent times is the X88 King. This is a pretty powerful device that will be appreciated by those who are crazy about technology and advanced innovations. And all because the device works on the basis of one of the top six-core processors – SoC AMlogic S922X, and for storing all kinds of files in the console there is a memory of 128 GB. In addition to a good processor, the Android smart set-top box is equipped with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth version 5.0. The gigabit network connector will also impress, which you will not find in other similar devices. . Despite such a powerful filling, you can buy a device at a low cost he presence of the top-end AMlogic S922X processor in this smart set-top box makes it the best one to purchase. After all, she can cope with the most difficult tasks, she does not overheat. Playing any games, watching videos of various formats and using applications with the tv box has become much easier and more interesting. The presence of 128 GB of memory, enhanced WiFi reception and the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0 are what a modern user needs.

10 thoughts on “НОВИНКА!ТВ приставка X88 King Amlogic S922X TV box Android 9

  1. что с нагревом? разбирал? что на процессоре стоит?

  2. Приставка из обычного телевизора сделает смарттв? Классная штука.

  3. Box has a lot of problems – unable to load many apps from play store
    including many games. Current OS is android 9 – kernel 4.9.113 – Mon
    Oct 21 – Last security update was August 5th 2018. Unable to use Disney
    Plus, Unable to install Angry Birds. Lots of issues with the firmware.
    You do not have root access so you can not install any software which
    may require it such as a ad-blocker or backup software.

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